launches this Wednesday 5/23!

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Grow your Ethereum, earn dividends, and get a chance at the Vitalik Lotto!

Vitalik gives game tutorial below :)

English ICO Tutorial -

Vitalik Lotto Twins Promo -

Vitalik Lucky Day Promo -

Japanese ICO Tutorial -

Korean ICO Tutorial -

VitalikLotto is a new Ethereum Dapp game launching on May 23rd 2018!

Why is the VitalikLotto ICO worth investing in?
Token Value

For each token added or removed from circulation the price of the next token increases or decreases automatically by a fractional amount of ETH (about .0000001 eth).

When people buy, your tokens are worth slightly more, when they sell, slightly less. The exchange handles this for you, no need to think about price!


20% of every buy and sell will be rewarded to token holders. Strong hands will be rewarded through every crash and pump. The smart contract will allow you to directly convert your dividends back into tokens, increasing your ability to earn more dividends.


10% of every buy and sell will be placed into a lottery pot. After every 19th buy of .5 ETH or more, 2 winners will be awarded the pot. 80% of the pot will be awarded to a random winner, and 20% of the pot will go to the 19th buyer. If there is a dump off in tokens the lotto pot grows enticing new buyers to keep the contract strong.


Masternodes are essentially a referral reward system that can supply a steady stream of ETH, no matter how big the contract gets. Anywhere that you have a unique opportunity to direct others to the site, use your masternodes and ear a % of their buys. The more clever your network, the more you'll earn. Hook up your masternode; we encourage it.

No Humans Allowed

Unlike "Investment" engines like Bitconnect, VitalikLotto is managed by a smart contract entirely. No human involvement in managing the ethereum at all. Period.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need in order to participate?

You need a minimium of .0000001 ETH and either the Brave Browser, or Google Chrome browser w/ the MetaMask extension installed.

Is this an investment? Will I make a lot of money?

No! This is not an investment. This is just a fun game concept that lives on the Ethereum blockchain! Do not risk more than you are willing to lose. All risk is yours.

Did Vitalik Buterin actually endorse this site?

No! No! No! Vitalik is not an endorser of this website. All characters in our game are completely fictional... all cartoon voices are impersonated (poorly)... also unicorns don't actually exist. 🦄


Grow your Ethereum, earn dividends, and get a chance at the Vitalik Lotto! winner

No Humans Allowed. Great! Upvoted!

A way to invetir from a good point of view

Excelente manera de invertir tu dinero. :D

¡Haz crecer tu Ethereum, gana dividendos y ten una oportunidad en Vitalik Lotto! No lo dudes mas.

I will earn my dividends.

Ganar Ganar y mas Ganar.

Es la mejor manera de invertir su dinero, puedeconn invertir con los ojos cerrado, hay grande oportunidades de tener grandes ganancia, son justos y es lo que toda persona espera multiplicar su dinero. No lo pienses mas y invierte en esta gran forma de ganar dinero.

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Im going to try this out.

Muy buena iniciativa para invertir y generar dividendos.

Me ha parecido una forma muy buena de multiplicar el dinero de manera justa y abierta.

Me atreveré, el que no arriesga no gana.

Opportunities are presented only once Great game.

I encourage all users to join this great game. Safe money

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