How to buy EOS tokens

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This is the easy beginner way to participating in the test ICO. All you need to have installed is Google Chrome and the MetaMask plugin:
After you install MetaMask you will be asked to accept terms of use and create an account. Make sure to save your 12 words somewhere safe so you can recover the account if you ever switch computers.

At this point you will have MetaMask installed but you are connected to the Main Ethereum Net. To participate to the test ICO you will need to be on Kovan Net (and switch back to Main for the real deal!). Click top left of the plugin and select Kovan Test Network.

You probably have an address with 0 KETH (Kovan ETH) right now so you need to get some KETH. You can get them by going here and requesting some with your address: If for some reason you can’t do that leave your address in the comments and I will try to help you out with a little bit.

After you get your KETH you want to go to this URL: to take part in the test ICO. Now with my experience with this so far the page will be stuck at loading… for a long time. I usually just wait for a bit and the page eventually loads. Sometimes if I lose my patience I will refresh it a couple of times. Let me know what happens to you guys please. I’ve tried on multiple computers and have the same issue.

When the page eventually loads it will look like this:

You should then click on Buy EOS tokens and select a window. Currently only the current window will work. You can’t select future windows but you can select a previous window and get a nice error:) After you select your window just put some ETH in there and click send ETH. MetaMask will show a popup asking you to confirm the transaction. The page should update with your contribution.

All you have left to do is Generate EOS key. Confirm the private key and SAVE IT! This is your way to access the EOS tokens after EOS blockchain goes live. IF YOU LOSE THIS YOU LOSE IT ALL!


Great advice!! Get ready guys June 26th 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

What is EOS token ???
It's a ethereum blockchain token ??

yes and eos is new crypto like ethereum

no its sale is on ethereum blockchain but after that it has its own blockchain

GOT IT!Could you give me a little ETH for test?Thank you very much!

Solid blog. Really appreciate you bring this to our attention. The decision to buy a coin should be based on real analysis of the coin. I found that people keep buying coins without have any knowledge of them. This is considered high risk. I was wondering if anyone of you uses: The site is my go to place for crypto investment analaysis and indepth coin research.

sale starts on 26 june , they must have closed it , that was test sale,
did u use metamask

Thanks! For the moment I don't feel comfortable with metamask (I don't understand important things). Is it really necessary or can I just transfer ETH from mist?

that was test sale i will post more after 26 june , when it gets started,
u can also use myetherwallet

I think I'm starting to familiarize with metamask after all

i will create a new post on how to buy when it starts

If we were to purchase EOS tokens it would be on the main ethereum network right?

Also, when recieving EOS tokens, will there be a wallet from EOS to store the tokens or..?

Wow, this is extremely helpful for a bloke that has not ever done something with Ethereum. When will the EOS sale take place?

Update: getting test ETH is not possible (only with Github account). Could you spare me a little: 0x523536E81e7f2C058e7849536ECE280A9478848e

Thanks. Could you send me some test KETH?

It's easy as a kid's game, but someone had to figure it out for me. Thank you!
The is now a 404 page. Will check again later.

great info thanks for the read!

Ugh wish I found this earlier I found a really confusing walkthrough for MyEtherWallet and put it off until today I see it's available on exchanges. Waaaaaaa.

Can you still get the token this way? I haven't used exchanges yet as I'm still finding my feet. Getting a base investment (with steem mostly) and then having other money to play with on exchanges feels a safer bet for me

One short question, wht if I am located in TX. I found lost of site, like; Kraken and localbitcoins won't allow me buy based on my IP address....

did "MetaMask" has the same rule? neither...

coinbase neither....

us citizens cannot participate in ico
but u can change your ip address

Nice tip for newbie like me!!!

I translated your post into korean for our community:

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