Glad it was helpful!

I have 1 question. What would it be the highest gas posible? And how would it cost? THX

As I mention in the post, there is a limit to the amount of gas a block can have, so the maximum gas a transaction could have and still be accepted is limited by this block size. See "gas limit" section to see the block gas limit (it's dynamic).

There is no maximum gas price, but it's bounded by the largest number you can put into that field. IIRC, every number is 128 bits, so it would be 2^128 - 1.

If this is how ethereum works, then that's some bullshit right there. A failed contract took an $18.00 fee in ethereum from me. If there is any error error then kiss your fee goodbye. Sounds like bad business to me.

I doubt the contract was written incorrectly, so it's likely that you either executed it improperly or executed it properly but you didn't know what it would do and it turned out different than what you expected.

In either case, you set the gas price and agreed to "lose" your money. It's your fault, not the Ethereum Networks, and almost certainly not the contract's.

@tomshwom Do you know how it feels like when all of your hard earned money were gradually evaporating into oblivion just because of this apparent bulshit called GAS?

It's your fault, not the Ethereum Networks

Wow! You must be kidding me. There is nowhere you can find any upfront information on the amount of bulshit they'll be needing in order to process your transaction with ease. It smells fishy right there, isn't it?

As a result, I needed to do the guesswork and lost all my money in the process because there was no refund whatsoever. WTF!

Tried doubling my initial attempt, tripled and so on. They all failed. This is a total garbage. I am new to all this crypto activities but this I can tell you. I have never been into this type of crap.

You don't experience this in BTC, DASH, STEEM, this is only in Shithereum.

Things like this should not be tolerated. This is money grabbing in-your-face! Anyway, the days of Shithereum are counted. Enjoy the crypto robbery while you still can. The moment EOS runs fully operational, it's over for this nonsense.

EOS will soon send Shithereum to the place where it belongs---to the GARBAGE LANDFILL.

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