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If you don't know what Status is then you're in luck.
Status is THE mobile Ethereum OS.
Just like Mist, MetaMask, Parity and more: Status allows you to browse and interact with DApps, and all from your mobile device.

Image of Status

The Status Contribution Launch is set for June 17th at 2pm GMT.

The sale will consist of selling an ERC-20 token named Status Network Token or SNT.

You can subscribe to learn more at:

You can read the Status White Paper at:

Learn more about the current Status Hackathon (25k prize) that is going on:

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Great News, thank you for the Information I`m looking forward to this amazing dapp!!!

Yea this looks really amazing!

This is really interesting, thanks for sharing. I think the focus on mobile devices is really smart, not only because they are more widespread than traditional desktop computers but their importance will increase rapidly over the next couple of years.

I completely agree and that is why I am so excited about this! More and more people are using the Internet on a mobile device every day. More so than on a PC

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