Ethereum Classic Analysis ($ETC)

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So let's begin!

What is ETC?

It's Ethereum before the fork where the ETH folks reversed DAO situation where money was stolen from a buggy smart contract.

But before we go any further, highly recommend you read this to catch up on history:

ETC is immutable, fungible and strictly adheres to the principle that code is law. This could be key for systems that require that kind of guarantee, think IoT, accounting, avionics, space tech, etc.

They previously had an ETC Business called ETCBets, which is a provably favor casino game using ETC, but that has since been deprecated. Interesting to see if there will be a successor to replace it in 2018.

Where's the wallet?

There's a beta native wallet available here:

As well as mobile and hardware wallets, see here:

And one can also use the web wallet:

Guide docs:


How many of them are they?

CMC says ~98m circulating and it's monetary policy is different than ETH with supply capped at 210m to 230m max.

Who's the team?

They have quite a solid org, from the engineers to the advisers and have been growing a lot lately. Three different dev teams!

One could expect the marketing and business side to ramp up in 2018.

How is ETC different?

It's ETH, but with a different (and some would say stronger) philosophy and core values.


  • tech is solid
  • team is growing
  • strong fundamentals
  • IoT and unique opportunities
  • ETC businesses
  • 1/n price of ETH


  • differentiators from ETH
  • some wallets still beta

Where is it traded?

ETC is listed just about everywhere due to high volume and strong community:

It's even rumored to be in the running for a high profile listing on the most popular place to buy crypto.. coughCoinb[...]cough. Although, it's got to get in line... $XRP has solidified itself as, if nothing else, being wanted by many.

The Final

Based on the FA, ETC looks like a low to medium risk with high reward potential if they can market themselves in a way where it makes sense for enterprises and mission critical projects to adopt it. Picking it up under 220k sats would be bargain or under $40 would be an upper entry while still expecting solid gains.

And that's your scoop!

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