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RE: Ethereum "Gas" - How it Works

in #ethereum3 years ago

Hey, very helpful, but what's the MINIMUM amount of gwei to put to let the transaction does not fail? i mean, if i set 0.1 gwei, the transaction may go into "limbo" and never execute? if yes, what is the minimum price?( don't care if it will be slow)


There isn't one. You can do 0 gwei and miners can accept it if they want. It may never actually be accepted, but it can be.

Thanks, but do you think that with 0.1 or 0.5 gwei might be accepted or there are some chances to never be accepted? i must do thousands of transactions, so i'm trying to spend as low as possible..

If you're asking about chance, then sure, there's a chance they may never be mined.. It depends on the transaction pool, how long you want to wait, and what miners are willing to accept.

I've done 0 gwei free transactions before, and I've had problems with 20 gwei transactions never being mined. It depends.

If you're sending thousands of separate transactions, you're not really using cryptocurrency very intelligently. There are better, and cheaper ways.

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