WTF?? Ethereum Mining Difficulty DROPPED 50% on Oct 17, BUT Genesis Mining's Daily ETH Payouts ARE STILL DROPPING?

in ethereum •  last year

Something does NOT seem right with my Genesis Mining's Ethereum payouts.

I'm in the middle of a 2 year ETH mining contract and check my payouts every day.

As ETH fans know, the Ice Age's difficulty increase over the last few months before POS has suffocated daily returns to all time lows.

GOOD NEWS: Ethereum mining difficulty appears to have recently DROPPED almost 50% per CoinWarz's chart! This is enormous.

BAD NEWS: Genesis' daily mining payouts are still getting lower and lower each day, to the lowest they've ever been. This is still the case ~10 days after this difficulty adjustment. They should be rising a lot, so are we getting underpaid?

Did the block rewards decline with the difficulty to cancel it out?

Does anyone have any take on this or scoop from Genesis? Would it take them a week to adjust their payment system to reflect an accurate return? Hoping someone with a better understanding could elaborate.

I emailed Genesis' Partners address to try to find out and will report back if I get an answer.

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