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 A popular type of wallet used to store Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been hacked, and users are being called to stop using the service in the present. 

 At about 11pm BST on Thursday, June 29th, Classic Ether Wallet was hacked by a hacker using social engineering applications to trick the server of the wallet service to open access. This hacker called the customer support center of the 1and1 Germany server and forged the domain owner. 

 The Ethereum Coinbase trading oor is compensating for the damage caused by the attack. 

 This hack convinces 1and1 to give them access to the domain registrar of the website, then change the domain's settings to redirect the domain to the opposing server. 

 This means if the wallet is used to execute the transaction, instead of sending the cryptocurrency to the recipient, the hacker can steal that coin, the attack is often referred to as scam scam. 

 This intrusion was discovered by the core developers of Ethereum Classic at 3am BST Friday, June 30. The team immediately warned users through Twitter to stop using the service. Finally, it was able to control and block 

 DDoS by requiring Cloudare technology providers to place alerts on the system so that anyone trying to access the Classic Ether Wallet website would see torch 

 Users are advised that all the cryptocurrency they store in the wallet are safe, if they do not visit the website and paste their private key into it, or use it to make transactions. All addresses and keys created before Thursday, June 29th are safe, just using the current site is really risky 

 Ethereum Classic has conrmed that the back-up site located at GitHub is active and safe to use. Users are advised to use another service called My Ether Wallet to perform the transaction and connect it to the ETC node. 

 "The best advice in the present is to calm down and wait patiently. Once users do not use the website at this time, their wallet will be safe. There is nothing wrong with Classic Ether Wallet's code. This is an attack on the technology of social engineering. Many Bitcoins ( have been stolen this way, " 

 "We are currently waiting for 1and1 domain customer service to allow legitimate owners control of the URL again." 


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thanks for the information!
instantly resteemed.

This information is going to save a life...nice one there , keep it up #Resteeming asap

Im pretty sure ETC only exists because of a hack on the orginal Ethereum network, and some people did not want to change the code to help with further hacking. So wouldnt it be susceptible to being hacked again and again?
Im still trying to learn more about both Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, but the deeper i dig the less i like it.