ETH vs ETC - Developers Broadcast Their '100% Support for Ethereum'-- (Also just a great list of current Ethereum projects!)

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Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been an unexpected force in the wake of the ethereum Dao Hardfork on July 20th and the rise of ETC has been fascinating to watch. Illustrating the forces of gravity at work between crypto-ecosystems, the price and volume of both ETC and ETH have been spinning heads like a SINE wave, as they stabilize in this new paradigm. The money following the miners, and miners following the money, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been screaming for attention and getting it.

In some moments ETC has been revving it's engines at close to 40% of ETH's hash-rate (see a great hashrate and price comparison graph here). As the dust settles from the split however, the question remains whether ETC has the weight to push through with their momentum.

Starting on August 1st, following Vitalik Buterin's lead, Ethereum developers have been sending out tweets announcing their their platform of choice.

While ETC has clearly drawn in the interest of some serious developers and a few established names in the crypto world, it is clear that the vast majority of projects continue to side with the Ethereum Foundation and are sticking with the ETH chain. There is likely a place in this world for multiple brands of Ethereum, but there is much work to be done before ETC can sustain any large amount of longterm interest.

Take a look at the list below, no matter if you side with ETC or ETH, it is an exciting and inspirational group of projects to explore.

Projects confirmed on ETC:

  • Stampery (cross chain Bitcoin project),
  • Daemon Dark Market

Projects confirmed on ETH:

  • Embark,

  • Dindle (Decentralised eBook Market),

Credit to /u/CrystalETH_ on reddit for their post listing ETH projects


Thanks! A few of them are new to me.

This is a great read. I hadn't seen this before. Seems like you should get more votes. I may try to highlight it in another post tonight.

Thanks denny, I really appreciate that. I find the world of crypto to be so interesting, and the ethereum hard fork has been a really unique thing to watch.