What is the future of Ethereum?

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Today I took a peek at Ethereum and saw something spectacular. The price is low at the moment. What is people thinking about?

The possible usecases for ethereum rises as times go by. I see great things coming for ethereum but the insane price rise in the last months made the need for it to stabilize before getting back up again.

This reasons make me believe now is a time to hold ethereum if you think long term. Maybe the time to buy comes soon. I know that I will stock up on ethereum once it comes back closer to 200 usd per.

I ask you: Do you think ethereum will come back or go away to the dust? Any other outcomes you believe in?



Eth will become the atlcoin for daily use while Bitcoin will turn into something like gold or gems, an investition that is kept in a safe.
However, Eth will keep its possition only until Steem gets strong enough to replace it.

I don't think steem will replace ETH since they have completely different uses...although EOS might...

My main concern here is that steem might not overcome the ETH. But as a long term thought I am going to put more in steem than I will ETH.

Thats just me though.

Eth is go up but in upcoming two years no one can bet it

That is my feeling as well.

ETC look at ETC!

Etc will come in the future days. Keep posted :)

ETH will continue to consolidate at these levels until all of the ICOs funded with/by ETH are sold out of their positions to pay their bills in FIAT. The 416 --> 300 move was the hedge funds taking profits off the table and the 300 -- > 235 are all the ICOs selling off their holdings of ETH.

I suggest anyone with extra fiat sitting around buy anytime we are below the following levels

BTC - 2500
ETH - 225 - 240
LTC - 43-45

Agreed. I would be a little more conservative but it sure is ok levels to buy below.

Ethereum certainly will not go to dust l, at least, not at once. It faces more competition than ever and has run into scaling issues (tax/s limits, blockchain bloat) but software can be changed. The role of Ethereum is not over yet. The markets will decide at what level decent buy support reappears. Taking this from Bitcoin experience, the most bearish prediction for the final bottom is not lower than 80-95% of ATH. That's in is a very negative scenario taking a year or more.

Indeed. I believe it will hold before it falls that low.
Do you believe as well it will get back up?

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