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Hello Everyone,

This is Satish from India.

Today I would like to make an article on Mainframe - Web3 communication layer.


We all know that in the mid of 90s the breakthrough technology internet came into existence. It has changed everyone's everyday lifestyle and the way of communication with speed and efficiency without any barriers. In the recent days, the internet is getting become basic right to access by everyone even to the poor. We are in the era of we can live without water but where we can't live without internet.

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As of now most of the communication is happening through the internet. But at the same time, we need to understand why the data is needed to be protected with the high level of security. Nowadays we are seeing data breaches most often due to centralisation. Talking about the security of communication and privacy is never enough.


As a matter of fact, people are cultivating very bad habits in the way they communicate. Many people are putting their digital life in the hands of those who manage social networks claiming they are facilitating the way to communicate. Some others are placing their emails in the hands of those who say they are not evil. Other people are surfing and searching the Internet with the tools provided by those who say they do care of their data and open the doors to security agencies upon request, or, worse keep their doors open to intruders and criminals. As a consequence of this superficial behaviour with respect to communication, governments and corporations have secured a position that is extremely uncomfortable and very very dangerous for all of us.

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The scenario of sharing a document with a co-worker or a friend on Google Drive, together with some emails, without any doubt, extremely rich of traces in the hands of well just one provider. As a matter of fact, that same provider can and will build a complete profile of their users, of what they write about, how connected they are to other peers and much more. If this were not enough, then we should be considering the fact that this behaviour will be reiterated massively over a billion other users. Every day. Forever.
one of the small and large companies that do not pay much attention to how their data and communications flow before reaching their destination. This information is usually stored for years and can be easily accessed any time by their own providers. Very few people and organizations can claim to have some kind of control over their communications. Even those few cases where encryption is used are not always safe. Due to leakage of confidential information, the Organisations are losing trillions of dollars.

Encryption is performed by keys that should stay secret and that are used to lock and unlock plain text or bits in general. If these secret keys are not in the user’s possession, the whole encryption mechanism does not make sense at all.

Google Drive and Gmail, just to name a few services that many heavily use do not provide these secret keys to their users. This simply means they can read all users’ documents and emails, any time they want or they are asked to. Reading content is essential for companies like Google, and Facebook, in order to personalize search and advertisement for their users, which is also the main reason why all these services are free of charge.

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These companies have amazing data warehouses that are well protected against hackers” many are saying. That’s not true. That, however, still gives them the ability to access information, or, as happened in the past, to give access to governments whenever they make or impose a request. Moreover, nobody can guarantee that those emails and documents will stay in the same security conditions for the entire lifetime.

Without getting to the details of the mathematics behind encryption, as mentioned before encryption is performed via keys. Whenever corporations claim they are protecting users’ data with encryption they are not telling the whole story. It is time to stop this and use powerful technologies that are affordable to many.

Now we can feel happy because we are getting complete freedom of communication with real ownership on our data with Mainframe.

Mainframe enables decentralised peer to peer communication by using latest protocols like Dark routing and virtual transport layers and provides the high level of security to the Individual and Organisations.

As of now when one person communicates to another person then we can easily trace the information of sender and receiver of data based on IP address or if anybody uses proxy then they can be identified through ISP. This is happening only because of lack of proper security protocol layers on the internet. To avoid this type of situations Mainframe incorporating security protocols like virtual transport layer without geo-tracking.


Mainframe also developing Software development Kits (SDKs) to integrate seamlessly with different popular languages, devices, and operating systems. And also it provides smart contracts and Oracles for token exchange and ease of interoperability with different blockchains like Ethereum, NEO, Tezos, EOS.

Entire Mainframe Ecosystem operates with nodes or peers who provide various services like data services, file storage, packet holding, packet routing, Blockchain transactions. Nodes are incentivised for providing these services with Mainframe token called MFT. MFT token also can be used as the medium of exchange for marketplace on the Mainframe.


To make the data untraceable from who to whom it is communicating, Mainframe provides Dark Routing mode. Where packets are routed to each node whose address matches the partially disclosed destination address, moving efficiently towards this subset of nodes, but after that they are distributed to all matching nodes, making it intractable for any network observer to infer the intended recipient within that zone.


The mainframe is trying to develop an Ecosystem or network which is Unhosted and fully Decentralised by continuously developing various service layers which will reduce the reliance on specific nodes as much as possible.


Mainframe consists of amazing team with 12 employees.





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