Why Wont the Ethereum Foundation (ETH) and Ethereum Classic(ETC) Work Together??

in #ethereum7 years ago

Whilst the ethereum hardfork caused a split in the chain creating ETH and ETC with every ETH holder getting an equal value of ETC the Ethereum foundation still holds a large (if not the most) ETC in the market. Whilst many Ethereum Foundation devs initially took this extra ETC as a 20% bonus for they're successful hardfork and sold they're stake in Ethereum Classic a large chunk of ETC still lies with the Ethereum Foundation.
Almost 1 month on now, ETC is still in existence and a community, whilst fractured and split still exists giving value to ETC. Its a traders dream and traders have been actively trading both coins in large volumes, there still exists a lot of ETC in the hands of the Ethereum Foundation. Keeping ETC's price up and supporting the currency is still in their best interest as they are effectively investors in the old chain despite not being a part of it.
With the Ethereum Classic community being so split without any central leadership or roadmap for the future wouldnt it be in the Ethereum Foundations interest to use the old chain as a hedge on ethereum?
Why isn't there dialog happening between the two chains and isn't it in everyone's interest to have ETC survive and move forward. It sounds like a WIN WIN but nonetheless we hear stories of devs selling off their ethereum classic and threats about Ethereum Foundation having the ability to dump their ETC and cause the market to crash. They have a solid hedge on their hands and a platform that can be used to test out new strategies, potentially keep the old chain on its existing POW strategy and use it as a place to test out cutting edge technology that may not be possible to do with ETH. Its a great opportunity to use the old chain to cover some of the contradictions and shortcomings of ETH and in turn get every original ETH investor a return on their believe in the foundation.

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