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RE: ETH obsolescence?: how the metropolis hardfork allows important extensions to the Ethereum protocol - no transaction fees

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Holy shit, nicely-done on this post.

I don't grasp the more technical details of the blockchain back-end stuff so hadn't even bothered trying to figure out what was up with this latest update - though you summed up and simplified quite well.

Does indeed sound like a pretty big deal.

Thanks much for this. ;-)


:) that means a lot! Thanks!

ETH is much more flexible than the EOS pumpers here want you to believe. The fact that Joseph gets 2k for a poorly put together bash post shows the state of this steem community.

Cheers! Keep writing your goodness!

Hmmm... I feel conflicted looking at stuff like that, wondering if such would be a justifiable use of my downvote/flag - given the rewards do seem rather unproportional to the value of the post - or better to just sit on the sidelines, the market having spoken...

Yeah I know exactly how you feel. I did not flag anything originally but I did flag the most recent post - the one I found truely deceptive. I have been struggling with flagging here for a while. I come from a strict game theoretic way of thinking. I gave some of my opinions in the post below but I have started to deviate from that way of thinking. I have embraced the lottery for the current state - as much as I absolutely disagree with how larger stakeholders are dealing with the platform. Several of my friends have turned away due to the poor quality of some of the heavy earning content.