Does Vitalik Buterin Have a Gun in His Back or Something?

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What's up with this stuff! We're as mad as hell, and we're not going to take it anymore! These shenanigans are getting undbeerable. That's not a typo, there were people hitting the bottle pretty hard as a result of certain negative crypto developments recently, but self-medicating is not making people feel any better. They wake up hungover and then there is more bad news.

Just a couple hours before Constantinople is supposed to go down, oops! We found a gaff! We'll have to postpone it for six weeks, or whatever. Read, "The Jamie Dimon's, the Jason Bloomberg's, the, insert greed monger here: __________, need to increase their crypto holdings before we implement something that could potentially cause the crypto market to start out on a new bull run."

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You wonder why you're waiting forever for your Monaco Card, or, that stock exchange in such and such a country is taking longer than necessary to add its own version of a Bitcoin ETF which already has been fully green-lighted? Why is that great lending program on that one crypto asset that could make all us holders retirees still not implemented?

There are two factors that need to be addressed. Firstly, can you imagine what the world, more specifically, the States would be like if when scores of people were jumping on the crypto bandwagon in 2017 and mortgaging their homes to buy in and Bitcoin went to a million bucks as we all hoped? God forbid the majority of the populace become rich all at once. Walmart, Berkshire Hathaway, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald's would all go into freakout panic mode. They would never be able to get enough robot and A.I. tech in order to replace all of the slaves that they would be losing in the process.

So it's a waiting game for us. I'd say right now, all the 'Would be Millionaire Joe/Jane Six Packs' are scared completely off. From 20 grand per BTC down to 3 grand and some change has definitely sent those folks happily back into servitude. The powers that be would like to scare just a few more holders out there away though. Their conundrum is that they know they can't send all of us back to a life of pushing brooms, cleaning toilets, etc. and eventually when they finally stop putting the kibosh on crypto assets that some whom they would love to see slaving away into their nineties will become rich. And that is something that they will eventually have to accept.

Secondly, back to Jamie Dimon et al. Can you imagine if BTC does, indeed, go down to $1200 or so? They'll be scarfing it up while simultaneously giving us a, "See, we told you." And then one day, boom, it's way back up, in just a five-minute, two-hour period. I'll cite the craziness that went on this past weekend as an example. And it's too late for Joe Six Pack to buy in while Wall Street and company have needlessly added even more to their coffers.

So yeah, I think Vitalik Buterin has a gun in his back or something, and was told by the powers that be to hold off a little with pushing the 'Go' button on Constantinople.

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