ETH Ranging. Major Move Upcoming? - OCT 28 2017

in ethereum •  2 years ago

For last couple of days, the price of Ethereum is ranging. It's like the calm before the thunder. Take a look at the price chart. It's currently at $296 level. There's a potential support at 287 level.

ETH Price Chart.png

But the price created a pullback pattern on the candle that formed on 24th of October. And on 25th of October it created a pin bar. So, I'm hoping to see some upward momentum soon and I'm looking forward to see the price at somewhere between 330 to 340 level.

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I think that ETH would stay in triangle at around 320.


Thanks for sharing the chart mate! Let's see how it plays.

You could be right, I'm just missing a lot of volume...but like you said, could be calm before the storm!
Great post by the way!!

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Very nice post


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