Ethereum Surpasses Bitcoin Google Searches for the First Time in History

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Only 4 months ago Bitcoin dominance in cryptocoin market capital is about 90%. Then a sudden and rapid increases of an altcoin Ethereum dropped it to under 40%. And also, some days ago Bitcoin searches in Google search engine were remained at all time top position in the dominance of cryptocurrenies. Now, in the previous week on June 10, suddenly Ethereum searches in Google surpassed Bitcoin searches for the first time in the history.

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That's partly because people are freaking out about BIP148, Segwit2x, Block size limits, "Core", etc. They're diversifying in case Bitcoin dies, and Ethereum is the logical next choice for many because it's next up in market cap and seems to have a more stable team.

It's fun reading the controversy at (censored) and (less censored)

It also takes some reading to get the hang of what 'smart contracts' and the 'Global Java Virtual Machine' are :)

I think new investors are drawn to Eth and other coins because they are more affordable and this decrease of bitcoins dominance will increase drastically as more money floods in to the market. Eth also is a fantastic blockchain and people religiously believe in it so imo the flippening is only days away. Good article! enjoyed the cool fact!

Awesome. The crypto will take over the world. :D

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