Blockpass Crowdsale is Live!

in #ethereum4 years ago

It seems like everyday now we see some random company popup claiming they have a godly DAPP that solves problems (looking at you insurex). We havent seen an actually good DAPP in a while. An application that genuinely solves a problem people face.

Enter Blockpass:

Blockpass solves the problem of buying and selling tickets for concerts, sports games and other events. Usually when you want to buy a ticket (especially for larger events) you either have be extremely lucky and buy the ticket 10 seconds after it's listed for sale or you pay 5x the price by buying it from ticket scalpers.

Blockpass solves all of this. Blockpass is "a decentralized ticket exchange and marketplace" that allows ticket sellers to add metadata to a ticket they're selling such as preventing resale or only making a ticket only transferable after a set date. Blockpass also forces scalpers to pay hefty gas prices if they are trying to buy tickets in bulk. The Ethereum blockchain is the backbone of the platform which means Blockpass has access to Ethereum contracts. You can read their white paper here for more information.

The crowdsale period has also started earlier today and is expected to run for around 2 months, with an 80% discount on BPT (Blockpass tokens). Currently 1 ETH = 1000 BPT and every 2 weeks that rate is going to decrease by 20%.

Check out their website for more info on the crowdsale including the different contribution tiers and for a road map.