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RE: Step Back, Elephant in the Room: it's time to talk about the price.

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Not a store of value?
Tell tens of BILLIONS of dollars that. Its a store if value if people use it as such. Maybe a better argument is that it isn't as good a store of value as say X.
Not scaleable? Why not? Just because Bitcoin can't?


You are confusing might be a store of value and store of value.

Please then elaborate. What is a store of value?

I don't know. What is a store of value?

Anything that 2 or more people use, shells, tulip bulbs, gold, paper money.

And no, today neither is scalable. Because why? Nobody has solved blockchain scaling.

Having not been solved isn't equivalent to being unsolvable.
What is your definition of scaling? It seems there are multiple solutions to increasing TPS, albeit modest but increases none the less.

My definition of scaling is millions of transactions per second. I hope scaling can be solved. We won't know until we try our hardest.

It is an unsolved problem.

I would be happy with a few hundred tps right now for eth or btc.

Well when demand comes time will tell.

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