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Albeit such a significant number of chances have been made because of the progression of the crypto network however this may in the long run add up to nothing if the trades which remains as the point of convergence of the record framework isn't viewed and made strides. The way that the exchanging choice and Features in a few locales are great doesn't mean their shouldn't be any space for further enhancement since taking a gander at the patterns of things in this universe of advanced coding, there is requirement for consistent enhancement due to the unconventionality of the space. This is the motivation behind why such a large number of stages that have once existed in the long run ended up outdated and pointless now that things have changed in the framework they are rendered futile. So in real sense, any developing trade must be the one that is adaptable to such an extent that with any overhaul or enhancement in the record framework despite everything it stays sufficient for the exchanging exercise. CRYPTONITY is that trade that fit well into the image I am endeavoring to paint. It is the thing that we require in the cryptographic World for a parity and practical exchanging process.


This stage is going for reestablishing the security in the framework with its apparatuses and different highlights it has. In any case, CRYPTONITY will make straightforwardness a quality that doesn't need to be discovered needing both in the environment and furthermore in the Crypto Market. In time pass and even till now, speculators are tested by the lacking security of which this venture has come to reinstall. Along these lines this is an incredible open door for financial specialists to have new encounters and enhancement in numerous procedures in the network.

As proper, Cryptonity will set up a smooth intuitive relationship with the end goal that clients have the entrance to essential highlights and parts that will reinforce their exchanging procedure. To accomplish this, there will be powerful intuitive channels intended for this reason with the end goal that clients will be in understanding about how and what is required for them to accomplish the objective of compelling trade. Any ask for if the clients will be taken care of along these lines as quick as could reasonably be expected and this will enhance the client's unwavering quality and trust in it. Clients get an opportunity to help and improve the venture work by their inclusion asides being in a bad way. All the more in this way, when clients think there ought to be an apparatus or highlight in the trade they are permitted to give proposals and demand for them in Cryptonity. Concerning the guaranteed quality exchanging, clients will be given an arrangement of ergonomic parts to be utilized and this will explain the distinction in the environment. Dialect boundary too will be broken and everybody from different nations and even places where English isn't their official dialect will subsidize their way in utilizing Cryptonity.


The Cryptonity Token(XNY) it is an utility kind with XNY as its Ticker. It is an ethereum type that has the aspiration of having its very own free stage where it can have a more prominent impact in making the crypto network move forward. After the offer of this token, it will initiate its free adventure plan. The aggregate issue of this local cash of Cryptonity will be 100 million and it wouldn't need to modify the amount since it doesn't bolster any type of controls or inconsistencies. So the correct amount will be issued and every single other movement with the token will be done and accomplished.

The cost of this utility token will be comparable to its utilization and it will be of more preferred standpoint to any client which holds it in the environment since it will make them deserving of a half markdown on the exchanges they do in Cryptonity. The holders of the XNY token will likewise be partakers of bewildering exercises in the environment like voting in favor of the coin of the month program that will be done on a month to month premise.

The Sale of XYN will be conceivable in numerous kinds of monetary forms like the BTC, ETH, and different ones like the Binance Coin and even the litecoin and the Bitcoin money. The offer of XNY will keep going for multi month after which it will stop and the ones sold will keep on being available for use. It is basic for all who put resources into Cryptonity to do and finish their KYC procedure and this will empower them to have a simplicity of withdrawal of assets with no battle and it will likewise ensure their assets.

Token Details

Token Symbol: XNY

Token Type: ERC20

Token Supply: 100.000.000

Token Price: 0.23 $

Minimum Transaction: 0.05 ETH

Minimum Goal: 500.000 $

Most outrageous Goal: 20.120.000 $

Open Sale 1 Starts: Nov 1, 2018

Open Sale 1 End: Nov 30, 2018

Open Sale 2 Starts: Dec 1, 2018

Open Sale 2 End: Dec 15, 2018

Open Sale 3 Starts: Dec 15, 2018

Open Sale 3 End: Dec 31, 2018

Token and Funds Allocation




The team is made up of people who understand business, marketing, branding and blockchain technology.


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