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Betform - brilliant contract fueled social wagering stage.

Betform is a decentralized social wagering stage that brings funs, protection, and wellbeing for assets to players. Our key tasks are directed by keen contracts.

Betform mission is to decide ourselves as a prime redistributed social betting framework that offers players style of multiplayer blockchain recreations at an ideal level of benefit, while sticking to the specific best wellbeing needs inside the environmental network. we have the ability to attempt and do this by connecting blockchains, speculation on the savvy contracts, in like manner as settlement arranges, that works in a totally sheltered and secure, quick and modest way.

Favorable circumstances

✅Probably genuine gaming

Betform utilizes a reasonable way of creating the results of its amusements. Our PRNG is checked and approved by a respectable test science lab. Players will whenever get to and check all the cardboard recreations history.

✅Fun and social

In contrast to various online gambling clubs, you're prepared to be a piece of your companions, welcome your companions or maybe association a table to make new companions after you play in our stage.

✅Transparency and security

Betform utilizes the cutting edge innovation to supply its client's to a great degree secure and financial condition to play their most loved amusements. The activities are fueled by keen contracts. brilliant contracts might want a shot to dispense the rewards once every round of the amusement wrapped up.


Our stage task is managed by authorizing locale.

✅ERC twenty token consistent wallet application

After the ITS, we'll build up the Betform wallet which may allow players to just secure the Betform Coin, the App are interlinked with outsider trades by means of their sort Apis.

✅Unlimited rewards and champs welcome arrangement

Fruitful bettors are typically limited or illicit by conventional and on-line clubhouse. Our plan of action is made on volumes rather than edges, which proposes we'll perpetually welcome victors!

✅Quarterly big stake

At the highest point of each quarter, our shrewd contracts can apportion thirty-fifth of the month's profit as a reward for American state Tournament and enormous two prime pioneers severally.

✅Token consuming

At the highest point of each quarter, our great contracts can naturally consume five-hitter of the commission charged. this may end in a diminishing of the token give, driving up the value of the Betform Coin.


Tokensymbol: BFC

Token value: 1 BFC = USD 0.10

Add up to supply: 240,000,000

Hard top: USD 9,600,000

Presale: october 2018

Open deal: january 2019


The team is made up of people who understand business, marketing, branding and blockchain technology.


Bitcointalk username: dammy1988
Bitcointalk URL:;u=1340111;sa=summary