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As at last week I was trying to confirm something on the internet, trying to compare the difference between 2D network and 3D network, even after making my own findings, I still found out that a whole lot of people, in some countries today are still making use of the 2D network when the 3D network is awesomely the best. I still wonder why some companies even still has to be using the old version even when it produces little results for them, and I begin to wonder. Because honestly, we are in the 3D world, why then are people still forsaking the 3D for the 2D despites its benefits. Could it be choice? Or Under duress? In comparison 2D and 3D spatialized display are different. 3D conveys mire information as they employ all three available spatial display dimensions unlike 2D which is entirely the opposite. Spatialization is typically a projection of data space onto a lower dimensional display space for visual data exploration.
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2Ds are natural choices of communication infrastructure for the majority of actual chip fabrication technologies. However, wire delay and power consumption are dramatically increasing even when using this kind of topology. In this sense, 3D emerges as an improvement of 2D aiming to reduce the length and numbers of global interconnections. 3D topologies minimize 30% the application latency and increase 56% the paces through put, when been compared to 2D topologies.

Gofind XR is a decentralized Blockchain technology platform which is connected to earth’s geo-locations. Gofind XR emerged as an efficient communication infrastructure to fulfill the heavy communication requirements of several applications. Gofind XR has created an Extended reality or XR web where it will be basically be on location-aware been connected to three dimensional space.
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Gofind XR is the new deal, it is created for the benefits of man cutting across borders which has digital layer of information that is overlaid on earth and connected with earth’s geo-locations coordinates largely connected on Blockchain. It sounds so cool right. It’s the coolest. It is the first of its kind created to substitute 2D and 3D. Sooner or later, the world will hear about it as its already thriving in its eco system. It gives users opportunities which are somewhat better than the former internet services. It is decentralized with Blockchain features which further guarantees that it is safe and secured, giving users the ability to trust in the system. Gofind did not only create a XR an extended Reality which is also called XR web, it also has its own browser which is called Gofind XR browser. The good thing about this platform is that reality can furthermore be experienced with a compatible Smartphone for IOS and without any exclusion of the Android phones. Gofind XR also plans to be inherent in smart glasses which will build to look just like normal sunglasses. It will be evolved to becoming the Operating System of Smart Glasses.
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Gofind XR created a platform where opportunities are been given to users to create any applications of their choice giving them a wide varieties of choosing from the option of AR, VR technologies been connected to geo-location coordinates around us. It further gives users the ability to lease parts of its web connected to geo-locations. Investors are also given been given rewards and benefits of ownership and stake them to certain geographical locations and get a revenue share from ads or transactions in this new awesome platform of internet value and information. The difference between Gofind XR and others is that while Gofind is based on real world, other digital worlds are based on virtual reality. Logins and registration of lands are done with the use of XR tokens which is also used for transactions.
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Gofind XR aims to provide and introduce a new decentralized Blockchain ecosystem (Extended reality web) of internet different from the others so as to further increase humans usage of the internet giving them a more profound and better ecosystem connected to geo-locations giving easy access to switch between AR contents and applications
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• Highly transparent and very reliable
• Decentralized with Blockchain features of ecosystem
• Easy exchange and trading
• Total safe and secured
• Users are further given the opportunity to lease part of system for their own use and satisfaction when using its token
• Investors will be given ownership and stake in the platform
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Token name: Gofind XR powered by Ethereum Blockchain
Ticker: XR
Purchase methods accepted: All leading Crypto and fiat
Hard cap: $25 million
Soft cap: $2 million
Cost of 1 XR Token: $0.15
New token emissions: None after token sale
Total supply: 1.3 Billion XR tokens
For sale: 455 million XR tokens
Bonus system: Yes
Presale of private sale: Ongoing
Know your customer (KYC): Yes
Min/Max personal cap: 1 ETH/No limit
White list: Yes
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Token sales: 35%
Developer VC fund: 24%
Partnerships: 10%
Team: 15%
Advisors: 5%
Community: 10%
Legal & compliance: 1%
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Marketing: 32%
Product development: 31%
Business development: 17%
Legal administration: 10%
Community development: 10%
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Idea conception of decentralized spatial internet for extended realiy applications/acceptance in DMZ
Accelerator zone in Toronto Canada/whitepaper

Creation of XR token/XR web leasing app, XR mobile app/Gofind XR international Roadshow-Asia starts
XR apps store-pilot/XR Browser – pilot/monthly XR
Developer’s meetups in all major cities/ Gofind XR
International Roadshow-Asia/ XR social media-Beta
TestNet launch c1.0/XR lens store-Beta/XR
Browser – commercial/Gofind XR international
Roadshow- Europe
Listing in exchange #1-TBS/XR developers global
Conference-TBD/XR Lens store-commercial/XR
Social media-commercial
MainNet launch v.10/listing in exchange #2-TBD/ start of official 2year lease of XR web/option to bid for XR Web/Option to make an offer for XR web
Leased land/Gofind XR Roadshow-North America/XR payments App launch
Listing in exchange #3-TBD/XR Developers
Conference-venue TBD/Gofind XR Roadshow-South America/Virtual Reality Experiences integration

Gofind XR Roadshow-China Special/Pilot with smar glasses partner/XR Spartial DNS (Open source)
Gofind XR Roadshow-India special/API for XR Web advertising
XR Spatial data standards (open source) / multi-coin wallet integration/API for XR Web leasing
Gofind XR roadmap.PNG
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Mainindra Majumdar: Founder & CEO
Abbas Alidina: CMO
Adrian Blackwood: Chief of product
Sanjay Chaudhuri: CTO
Haw Leng: Chief growth officer
Bogdan Sizov: Director of Blockchain
Idris-El-Feghi: Chief scientist
James Scholz: Chief communications officer
Ana Anbuselvan: Chief innovation officer
Anwar Elfeitori: Chief of international relations

Jeremy Khoo: Top ICO expert In IcoBench, CEO-FIG
Hap Klopp: Ex-CEO of the North face
Dmitry pshenin: Advisor
Camilo Sierra: Business Advisor
Kyle white: Blockchain community Advisor
Jeremy Wright: Blockchain Groeth Advisor
Jonathan Dunsmoor: US legal Advisor
Shalin Vema: Advisor
Man Fung Liong: Advisor
Giovanni Casagrande: Advisor
Chen Si Yuan: Advisor
Erixco Pranoto: Advisor
Gofind XR advisors.PNG
Gofind XR.PNG
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Gofind XR is an awesome project which I would implore everyone take active part in it. Its benefits are numerous and it cuts across countries. It has 2D and 3D features for user’s usage. For more information please kindly click on any of the link below

WHITEPAPER: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2po81s5amqscfjf/WP_English_revised_Feb5%20%281%29.pdf?dl=0
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