Dapp-a-day 3: Eth Token Wrapper

in ethereum •  3 years ago  (edited)

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Each weekday leading up to devcon2, Nexus will highlight a dapp, library, or package (something with a dappfile) as a promotion of our toolchain and as case studies for other developers. Yesterday's Post.

The Ether token wrapper wraps "native" Ether into an ERC20-compliant address. Using .send or .call to transfer Ether both have their own unintuitive edge cases and is a common cause of vulnerabilities.


An example app using the ETH token wrapper is https://mkr.market, which will get its own dapp-a-day later.

Between this package and ds-actor, most of the gotchas related to native direct calls are now non-issues.

We are almost ready to start looking at interesting dapps. There are a just a few more building blocks to cover. Stay tuned!

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@nikolai could you say anything more about the "gotchas"? Are there some known minor gatchas? What should people be careful of when deploying this package?

This series of writeups makes me so happy. Thank you for doing it!

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