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in ethereum •  last year

I bought 200 dollars worth of Ethereum a couple days ago from Still waiting on the pending transaction. My money was pulled from my bank account but I haven't seen the Ethereum in my Coinbase wallet yet. This is natural being that it takes 8 business days to validate the transaction.

Once I receive that transaction, I'll be sending my Ethereum to an awesome wallet I suggest you look into. It's called Exodus wallet, and I'm looking to talk more about it in the future.

From there I will be transferring my Ethereum to the Bittrex market to trade it for Bitbay. I know I said earlier that I would split my investment to other coins, but Bitbay is cheaper than it's been all week and I'm looking to take advantage of that. I would love to hear feedback on my investment process. Thanks everyone!

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Hi Follow4follow Vote4vote <3

Thank you so much for showing interest in BitBay! I am a member of the core team and like to follow up on any attention we receive, we very much appreciate the shout out.

For any readers who would like more information on BitBay, I strongly suggest you head to our Slack, where our core team and developer are typically available for questions:

Bitcointalk ANN thread:

BitBay Discord Chat:

Again, thanks for the press! We're scaling up and aim to greatly increase brand awareness in the second half of 2017.