What is USDQ and why should you know about it?

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Hello everyone, today I am here to introduce the first decentralized stablecoin of Ethereum Blockchain, "USDQ". So please read the post till end, so that you could get a lot of information about it.

As we know that ETH blockchain is now growing better than before. As a simple trader, I prefer to trade in ethereum blockchain rather than bitcoin because ethereum is very reliable and convenient than the bitcoin. So I am very happy with the announcement of the launch of the first stablecoin of ethereum blockchain, the one and only "USDQ". With the launch of USDQ, people involving in ethereum blockchain get some amount of satisfaction because of the main feature of USDQ i.e stability. As there is Tether (USDT) in bitcoin blockchain, here launches USDQ, which contain same characteristics that the USDT have. At bitcoin blockchain, when bitcoin rises up to a limit and the trader feels that the market will fall from here, he/she convert their bitcoin in terms of USDT and when the market falls, the trader again buy the bitcoin and earn some high amount of profit. This is possible just because of the unique stability character of USDT. Here in ethereum, the USDQ possess the same unique character that USDT does. The price of USDQ is also same as USDT i.e 1 USD. So, its the very good news to all of those who prefer trading in ethereum rather than bitcoin.

We can consider USDQ as a highly prominent erc-20 based token and a new era of digital future because is completely backed by bitcoin and with the launch of it, the blockchain ecosystem will have a new direction. It is developed by Platinum Engineering Team and is issued by a DAO community named QDAO, Korea. USDQ bring a new evolution in ethereum network and fulfill the requirements of the traders.

The USDQ bounty program is currently running, so you can collect some amount of USDQ by completing simple tasks. USDQ is listed in many exchanges platform like Hotbit, Bancor network, BTC-Alpha etc.

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