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"While cryptocurrency trading is a lucrative money making opportunity due to the volatile nature of digital assets, not everyone can execute profitable trades due to various reasons, ranging from lack of expertise to busy lives. Instead of losing money on poorly executed trades or just letting the cryptocurrency sit in the wallets, losing or gaining meager returns depending on the changing market values, users can opt for investment platforms that manage the trades and funds for them.

Ethtrade is one such trading and asset management platform solely focused on Ether. Built by people with expertise in Ethereum development and trading, Ethtrade makes sure that the user’s cryptocurrency funds are in the right hands. The platform ensures the safety and profitability of the cryptocurrency assets entrusted to them by the community. Built on a cooperation scheme, when a user joins Ethtrade and puts his/her money into the platform, experts take over the funds and invest it into margin trading to generate profits. These profits are then shared equally among the users and the platform. This way, both Ethtrade and the cryptocurrency user stands to benefit. In the case of user, profits generated through Ethtrade creates a form of passive income stream which is much needed to survive in today’s fast-paced, expensive world.

The platform offers a great deal of flexibility to the investors while ensuring complete transparency. The asset management service offered by Ethtrade allows investors to get returns of up to 25% per month. In addition, the minimum funding one needs to get started on the platform is as less as $10, making it easier for the investors to try the platform out at negligible risk before convincing themselves of its advantages.

While investors can conveniently deposit Ether into their Ethtrade accounts and let the platform do their bidding in the market, the platform also offers education resources to those who are not familiar with trading. The exhaustive educational section has enough material to turn someone with zero knowledge in cryptocurrency trading into a professional trader. This will also enable the investors to follow their investments in Ethtrade and understand how their cryptocurrency is working for them."

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