Ethereum the Sleeping Giant : Is the Flippening Still On?

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We've seen a lot of news on Ethereum recently, some good and some bad but for the most part they are pushing along with upcoming plans to increase their capability in regard to :

1.) Sidechains
2.) DApps
3.) Proof of Stake upgrades
4.) Speed improvements

What can we expect to happen with ETH in the upcoming month?

I do believe we've seen the bottom of ETH for now at about $140 and it's now on its way back up to retrace it's upper peak at $391 and possibly try a shot at breaking the $500 barrier...

ETH is not looked at the same way it was a few months ago because after all the frustration with BTC and it's upcoming fork.

This has led people to believe that a better form of governance is needed to keep up the growing expansion in cryptocurrencies.

What about Bitcoin?

I firmly believe that Bitcoin will continue to increase in value but the flippening is real and it's very possible we will happen before 2018.

What are your thoughts on these opinions? Please leave your feedback and comments below!


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I don t think Ethereum alone can win the fight , but there are a lot of very good Tokens like the Pay token from TenX , that have a chance to grow really big in long term , and if they grow , Ethereum will grow to , because all the tokens need Ethereum for transaction.

I disagree about TENX... Eth has the network effect and a lot of upgrades coming up. Plus it has the most trading pairs after BTC. I predict in these next two months ETH will pull ahead far beyond other tokens..

Honestly, it's going to be whoever gets their shit fixed first. Every day that goes by with these problems hanging over there heads is a day that allows some new comer to possibly even replacing both of them.

I think the Lightning Network will have a large role to play here.

It will definitely put eth further ahead in the blockchain tech wars...

ETH will not surpass the BTC,

it has the potential but its price depends on how the BTC move,
as you can see right now, BTC price is declining and among those are ETHERIUM , i see it grow to 4 digit, but to surpass BTC is a long long story..

as to investment, i would rather invest to small altcoins right now that has a good team behind and a clear purpose of what they are,


that's my bet coin.. just my OPINION

Yes... I guess it depends on market sentiment. Bitcoin has been around a lot longer and has name recognition but Ethereum is light years ahead in terms of it's technology. It will be an interesting showdown to say the least!

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