Watch Out For This Scam on Social Media with Ethereum Tokens

in ethereum •  8 months ago

Facebook and Google banned crypto ads, Twitter is also doing it. And i can see why. Most ads are scams.

The scam is really easy and profitable if one gets fooled.
They create a new token with a similar name to the official one ie NucleusVisio instead of NCASH (and actually NucleousVision) or Credits instead of CS. Then they give you short-link to etherdelta/contract/ETH so this way you wont notice this is a different contract and reply to tweets or reddit threads. Some are even rude enough to make promoted posts on twitter.

If you are not aware decentralized exchanges on ETH can trade any contract so if somehow you are moved to fake/misspelled contract then you believe you are making super arbitrage deal.. but you just lose money.

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These cryptocurrency scams are too much these days. I'm glad people are out here spreading information about these scams so the average user doesn't lose fubds to these scammers.

you have helped so many people @ kingscrown and you give important imformation thanks friends


never send eth or any other crypto to an address unless you know the are 100% not a scam


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Thanks for the headsup @kingscrown.I have closed shop on any and all forms of ico out there.The scam is real.

Thanks for the heads up

Now it's getting more clear why big advertising banned cryptocurrency. They want there asses out of hot seat.

Is that the same chris the bitconnect promoter jeez.. when he will stop doing such thing....

Because, "send us your money" just doesn't work as well.

I hope someone comes up with a handshake protocol that verifies you have the correct address.

We rely on so much things being right when even doing a URL lookup. There are so many vectors of attack.

Fraud on the Internet has become very much
Every day he devises a method of deceit
Thanks Ali for the tips

Great sharing info.. This must be knowed to my friend too. Thanks for information. Exactly, the ide from the King must be done by us. I vote and I Resteem this, if u dont mind.

Good posting
Have a nice day^^

I have seen these all over Elon Musk Twitter and Vitalik Buterins twitter and the worst part is that they often have bots that make fake reply such as " Thank You! i just received my free ethereun after sending you 0.1 Ether!" And it makes people even more likely to fall for these scams.

This is a great post and very true. Use Metamask on google chrome or firefox and the new authentication add on seems to be working great. I trade on IDEX very often and have not had a problem using this technique.

thanks so much :), cause you warn us!

Thanks for the great advice.... You've saved people from being fooled...
Kudos @kingscrown

Hmmmm a social media that isnt putting money in ones pocket, is that one a social media? Lol... Blockchain all the way. Thats the future here

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Thanks for the warning, Gosh everyday a new scam pops up! I really wonder how we can curb these guys and limit the amount of FUD they bring to the market

Never trust a guy who puts "crypto" in his name just spamming out links :P

Do your research!

Well, good to know (although don't trade based on ads, not to mention I don't have twitter).

This is why everybody screams "do your own research!".

Thanks I will be on the lookout.

I hate the free airdrop one - you get free coins just send a small amount of ETH to confirm your address.

It's rampant on Charlie Lee's Twitter account.

So many scams out there! If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

What I don't get is why banning these ads provides such a temporary hit to the price of BTC and other cryptos. Those ads do not provide a boost to cryptos whatsoever. Completely void of logic.

good job. we should help to create awareness in the community.

sir, will post also about this phishing links coz many steemians falls a trap on it, namely steemil, steewit sleemit, and a bot was flagging when you expose this, as my post was flag to and the others

whoever is helping people to stay away from scams should be arppeciated.