Viewly ICO Starting - Decentralized Youtube Made by Furion from STEEM!

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@furion has made and worked on python library for STEEM. He is also known coder and witness on the network. At some point he has decided to make "decentralized youtube" which some people tested on STEEM already and now ICO time came - meet Viewly!

What is Viewly ?

The incentives between content creators, their viewers and advertisers are inherently misaligned. Viewers are bombarded with pesky ads. Creators sacrifice their substance for views. Advertisers lose due to inefficiencies in reach and rampant ad-fraud.
Creators build their tribe of dedicated fans, and receive Patreon like support trough frictionless micropayments and subscriptions. Creators can also sign sponsorship deals that are in-line with their fanbase best interests—with the on-chain escrow and no middleman.

Viewly will fix this, people uploading stuff will make money from watchers and advertisers will get a targetted audience. Everything clear and transparent on blockchain.


So we have Youtube on blockchain without middle man cuting fees and making deals. Video is already big on the internet and with faster connections, can get even bigger. Also this will be censorship resistant since Youtube bans loads of things or at least doesn't let them make money from advertisements.


And this is another spot where this gets hot. COO of Bitstamp joined the board (one of the biggest European Bitcoin exchanges) and Rarez, a big youtuber known from Steem now too. Also Pon Kattera a known designer is among this crew.

Join Presale

This is not final ICO, this is early presale aka Pre-ICO there will be just a little tokens sold and it will be by using Ethereum (possibly when you read now sale is already running). Of course you need to send from your own wallet not from exchange! I suggest using ie MyEtherWallet or MetaMask addon for Chrome.


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why did he chose to create his own blockchain? I mean, he got thousands of dollars in upvote and then create his own blockchain with it? That's just sneaky in my opinion.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Steem is an amazing piece of technology, and I don't plan to stop contributing to its ecosystem anytime soon.

As far as Viewly goes, after consulting with several content creators (our main users), we determined that we need to implement different economic properties, which is forcing us to seek solutions outside of Steem.

@furion you could have made an SMT with all the "economic properties" you wanted.
by using a new blockchain you are basically shunning Steem or you've lost faith in it. lets be honest.
this is not good news for us steem holders to have a competitor arise from one of the steem developers.

I am a Steem holder myself. I don't plan to abandon Steem anytime soon. Steemit has a fantastic team of talented engineers, an amazing community, a working product and plentiful resources.

Viewly isn't a competitor, rather, an experimental approach for a different medium.

@furion will you after ico and when SMT is fully ready switch to Smt?

great insight here; This looks like a dope platform; glad you chose to 'add more value' to Steem

He's not adding value to steem. Dtube is adding value to steem, not Viewly.

No he's not. How have things been going with What about the other so called projects running on the Steemit blockchain? I can't name any of them because no one uses them. No one uses them because if they want to use a STEEM-based application, they will use steem. Do you use Facebook? Firefox? Opera? Why would you use some weird third-party app made by some unknown coder when the real thing is readily available at the official home page?

People want standalone projects. When I hear announcements about new "projects" and apps and then find out that apparently they're running on the steem blockchain and thus aren't new projects at all, I simply stop reading and forget about them.

This on the other hand I got excited about since it's their own team, their own currency, their own plans and ideas. I tried DTube, but I realized it's the same thing as steemit on a different website which to be is just a form of additional marketing for steem. That is, it's still the same guys and authors being at the top, because it's steemit! Get it? There's little to zero difference.

Hey, if you want more advertising for steemit, then go do that. What I fail to fathom is why youre viewing new projects negatively. If you are that worried about steemit that when a big steem whale does a new project, you claim he's "lost faith in steem", then I think it would be a good idea to register another 10 websites that run on the steem blockchain that no one will use, but who perhaps will attract a couple dozen more people to use the ACTUAL steemit website which everyone uses.

Invite PewDiePie please. He's cool I promise

Really? you wanna make super to the moon?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Lol I can back up the fact that he's cool by pure math, he has over 55 million subs. That kind of audience will boost the whole decentralized economy.

I have read your Whitepaper and coincidentally have a similar idea , that i am trying to crowdfund, with no success (so by and in no way i am trying to advertise).
So i thought i just share my 2c in wrt business model maybe they will be of value to Viewly:

  1. On pg.14, extending the Sponsor-Creator mechanic to Audience- Creator. There might be a market for on-demand content, where Creator opens a polling on content ideas to be produced in the next episode. The Audience vote-funds the ideas they like. All funds are held in smart contract. At the end of the polling period the winning idea's pledges are retained while the rest refunded. To claim the winning idea reward Creator has to publish the agreed content. If content is acceptable to the backer, then the Creator claims the tokens out of the contract. This mechanic allows Creator to cover production costs, while simultaneously drive community engagement.
  2. pg 18: Investment returns I understand the purpose of the disclaimer. But why not have a build in dividend distribution plan? Afterall if all payments will be done in digital tokens with dividends distribution also disbursed in digital tokens, then your ERC token will be a pass-through security and the legal notion of "having a profit" will be further downstream.

Such dividend will add a great transparency to the digicashflow and allow for easier Valuation.

Speaking of which - it would surely be north of $400mln

Me neither. What kind of economic features are you planning on building into it, just curious? 😀 😃 😄 😁 😆 I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!

It's an obvious cash-grab. It's not about competing or not being able to develop this within the STEEM ecosystem; it's about making money off of an ICO that won't go anywhere after the devs have absconded with cash and there is a pump and dump operation for investors to make bank on.

There's literally no reason for this application to exist in a new token, and even less of a reason for an ICO.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

NO ONE uses or even considers using third-party on-chain Steemit apps. Why the fuck are you grilling this guy for NOT creating another useless Steemit "app" website which NO ONE will ever use? You seem mean. How's doing? You've probably never even heard of it...

Do you download third-party versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Facebook or Skype to your computer?

Are you mad?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I think: the main reason is due the existence of another concurrent project (Dtube) running on Steemit's Blockchain.

More freedom and becoming independent from Steem's success/failure.

To be fair, the more competition out there the better I say! And it doesn't have to be a full on competition, creators can create content or host the same content on multiple platforms for the most exposure. Everyone wins. If one of these technologies happens to come out on top, then they are simply doing the best job.

Also if certain platforms are censoring people, there will be others that will gladly mop up that bit of the marketplace and let the audience decide for themselves. Having multiple platforms instead of a monopoly will keep them honest, catering to the market and not the regulators.

Yeah it is kind of weird you're right.

furion is a hard worker. I will follow and keep up with this.

Thank you joseph.

The sale is a game changer for us, as now everyone in our team can leave their day-jobs and commit to Viewly full time.

That's's a good news for people who are in rat race. Thanks @furion you are a hero genius.

Beautiful comments
Follow and upvote

Nice comments

Absolutely true. It will be interesting to watch his progress.

Sure why not me too. You gotta keep track of stuff and see what happens. Who knows what will work and what will bomb out in the end? 😀 😃 😄 😁 😆 I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!

With the censorship and demonetization that is currently taking place on YouTube, I can see a great future for blockchain-based, censorship-free video platforms. But I still can't understand the concept of viewers depositing their crypto on these platforms to reward content creators.

Steemit works because Steemians can rewards others without incurring an expense!! Big difference right there.

I do like and @furion for sure - was considering this pre-ICO since days but decided to wait, am simply not a trader and no ETH expert - fingers crossed for all of you.

Me neither, I feel like I need an easy way to keep updated about this stuff on a daily basis you know what i mean? 😀 😃 😄 😁 😆 I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Hey kingscrown,
Thanks for the great content

Will follow this closely

waiting for pre-ICO for so long , and Finally its the day . Viewly seems promising platform . Surely going to invest some . Viewly has the best team :)

only 30 minutes remaining , cant wait !!

Competition is rising for who will be the next YT ...

  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

Thank God for Viewly, we are all tired of being centralized with corporations like you tube and some other google apps. People getting their accounts suspended indefinitely sometimes for no reason and times because of not sharing their views because they think we are all SHEEPLEs to be controlled. I hope YouTube dies slowly eventually. Thanks for the post.

Is there a guarantee that googlization would not happen to Dtube like what happens to you tube

well if you put it like that then i have to accept to certain extent that its possible. The other thing to remember is that this is on blockchain so its transparent, if you don't follow the guidelines or rules stipulated and may be just go crazy and do things your way while offending others then you will get suspended. What you tube/google does is a form of bullying individuals and they are authoritarian about it and i think a lot out there find it unacceptable

Thugs always find a way to camouflage themselves. It is time to invent smart rules and regulations. What I mean by that is self aware regulations or I like to call it, living regulations that has its own conscious. We can invent new systems with new regulations benefitting from last century successful experiences and at the same time close all the holes that will bring some bogs and thugs to the system.

This is great wowowowowowowowow wonderful news for allllllll @kingscrow thanks for sharing

This sounds very exciting. I have been a YT partner for many years now and have never been happy with the 'machine.' Many sharp edges which makes for a sour taste in the mouth of creator and other stakeholders. I would love to have a platform I could get behind. I will be watching this very closely. Thanks for sharing @kingscrown

Cool what does it mean to be a yt partner. is that where you help them build the site?

Hey @pjcswart. Being a YouTube Partner just means that I just paid for ads that run on content that I own. I've been part of that program since around 2009 I think. Thanks for asking.

Cool does it pay well?

Not really. I have something like 500 videos up there and I get US$100 per month. But that is after years of work.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Ok so at least you get something! 100 USD is 100 USD.

No doubt. But if you knew the work I put into getting that $100 per month. It works out to around $0.01 per hour :)

o no so what's the point then! By the way, thanks for being an inspiring Steemian in general and connecting on here! 🤡 🤠 😏 😒 😞 I hope you have a wonderful day!

Wow, great news. I stopped uploading to YouTube and even watching it as they have become increasingly fascistic in demonetising those who wish to disseminate the truth under the guise of mitigating 'fake news'.
Thanks for the info.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Let us just hop that googloization would not happen to Dtube and Steemit.

Have you seen some of the cliques that roam the steemit platform that harass some creators ? Evidently not. There are groups of people here on steemit that will bully downvote certain posts that they do not like.

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  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The thing about moving from a centralized economy to a decentralized one is, only the rich can make money.

Does anyone have any solutions to this problem? Because the way I see this going is, only the rich can afford to invest money on ICOs hence ensuring their participation in the future economy, while the poor and middle class will remain out of this economy in the beginning, and by the time they join, everyone else would already have made money.

Budget, budget, budget, budget, budget, budget, BUDGET!!!

True intelligence makes best use of time, energy, resources. You don't need Big Macs. You don't need the nicest shoes. You don't need the Luxury addition car. What you do need is good money allocation towards commodities, or what-have-you, that have the best chance to multiply your wealth and, therefore, free up some of your future time to focus on the next things on the priority list.


Technology and communication have become so advanced and quick globally where humanity can experience new themes of rules and systems. We invented smart technology in every field and it is not stopping any time soon. It is time to invent smart rules and regulations. What I mean by that is self aware regulations or I like to call it, living regulations that has its own conscious. I will give an example. Tens of years ago some organizations, companies and political parties had been established. Some lasted for few years some for few decades and some still exist today. The survivals have one thing in common; the ability to adapt and change to a degree was not imaginable by the founding peoples of that organization or company who have died long time ago. Survival entities have some intelligent and flexible rules that allowed for gradual change for the benefit of itself.

I agree with everything you said, but I'm talking about the problem of Wealth Distribution that the central banking has created.

I will make a detailed post about it later maybe.

no more fake trending videos that arent actually trending!

Yes, it's time to make the move before the #SMT shakes loose.

Awesome sounding project. Hope the community can back this and keep its ecosystem going.

Yes...great news.tanks

Thanks for sharing...

😲 Excellent, I'll prove it.
thanks @kingscrow

woe thx for info!

great stuff ! I like to read

This post was a lot like it.

Wow , this is awesome. Youtube is dead to me...almost.

Furion! This is fantastic. Thank you for all the work!!

Not knocking it at all, kinda curious what the difference in this and lbry is... Since lbry is already in beta and almost released... Convince me that this will be better with more than words.

It is time for smart social systems for the benefit of all.If Edward Leedskalnin did what Satoshi Nakamoto did, we most likely would be driving different kind of cars.magnetic car.jpg

Well holy shit, this is amazing!

This sounds really amazing but I feel people will use it to pirate videos and I hope they have a work around to prevent that!

We plan to provide Content ID as open-data. This will help hosting providers make better decisions.

What's different from dtube?

Doesn't use Steem blockchain's payout system, for one.

Thats what i wanna know too. LOL

Thankyou for sharing @kingscrown. .

thank you for the reminder!

Thanks for sharing...

Great content i really apricciate

Wow that's cool.

Why Ethereum though?

ERC20 token. Smart contract through Etherium blockchain.

Why, not what. Why not instead gather funds using Steem or another method? Why ETH?

Etherium's smart contract is currently the most reliable method to distribute tokens from an ICO fund raiser. The smart contract is set up to distribute the exact number of tokens that the rules specify, including any bonuses for amount contributed or how early one contributes.

Steem will soon have an alternative method to achieve the same ends with SMTs.

I love this post follow up

Look interesting!!! Im go stay tune.


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Cant wait for this to launch!

this is now on my radar, and I will be watching. I use video a lot and do my own editing using adobe products, which I know well.

Good luck with this project!

I like it. Your is the best


i know that @furion is capable of making this.. good luck furion and good info by kingscrown

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Very happy this exists; the more decentralized competition we can provide to the centralized ones, the better.

However, I would have loved it more if it used the STEEM blockchain rather than an independent one, as now it's in direct competition with DTube (a steem-based decentalized YouTube). The recent announcement of Smart Media Tokens (SMTs) makes it even easier for you to build on top of STEEM.

I still appreciate the effort though, @furion.

Unfortunately dtube doesn't work properly on all systems like mine (MacOS, Safari). When I tested it went smooth and without any problems.

Thank you for sharing this good information my friend. I must learn a lot from your post. good luck @kingscrown

Now we really need a google but a steemit one. possible?

Glad to see this ICO taking off finally!

So is this a whole new currency or a system using Steem?

New to bitcoin was hopefully gunna invest but little nervous why doing my research thanks for the post much help!

I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS! Thank you, @furion

why not sell tokens with steem, why eth? and there is already a youtube competition dtube thats developed on the steem blockchain

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Viewly I guess I need to check that out. I think its hard to make money with youtube. is this better than dtube? 😀 😃 😄 😁 😆 I hope you have a WONDERFUL weekend!

Nice content

huh wasn't lbry credits already the decentralised youtube also and stuff?? anyways lbry credits seems to be unattractive because uploaders can ask money for something to watch.. which is no go for a lot of people around the world wo don't want to pay for anything. So I am pretty interested in this one, will watch it closely. thnx


WOW haven't heard of this until now. This sounds very powerful project. YouTube decentralized? this can totally be a game changer for tons of people.

Thanks for the great content! kingscrown

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great and wonderful news for all of us.