Tried KuCoin? Loads of News There!

in ethereum •  5 months ago

Binance is the top but KuCoin actually looks the same (almost) but has different coins mostly.

They lately had loads of news and addons.

Gas DistributionStopped

In order to increase the efficiency of GAS Bonus distribution, we will upgrade the system that distributes GAS bonus to NEO holders. During this period, GAS bonus distribution will be suspended. The upgrade is estimated to be completed on May 28, 2018 18:00 UTC+8. If the upgrade is completed in advance, there will be a separate announcement.

It will come but not on time. Binance also shares it monthly but KuCoin used to be faster.

IoTeX (IOTX) Added + Bonuses

The top 100 users with IOTX net deposits (deposits minus withdrawals) while holding at least over 10,000 IOTX in the competition will share the rewards.

Each winner will receive 50,000 IOTX and 0.03 BTC.

New Languages

New Trading Pairs

Keep in mind KuCoin used BTC/ETH/KCS and USDT as native pairs. KCS is like BNB on Binance.


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Can U.S. citizens use Kucoin?

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This is informative post @kingscrown, I like how you post interesting matters like this. Looking forward to your upcoming posts!

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thinking when the Polo was bought by the main banker, it was a good time for everyone to get out of it. Although I have an account in it but I never used it properly. Frankly between Binance, Bittrex and Bitfinex, never really felt the need. Glad to see the good news spread ........

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It has become much simpler to procure so more trade and making short term gains

Kucoin is a solid exchange. There is a bit of funky business going on with their rewards and promotions but overall just using the site and comparing it to other major exchanges, kucoin is a good option

Thank you for the information I've been meaning to join Kucon for a while. I'm going to follow and make crypto a priority.

I also like KuCoin since the promotions are indeed very interesting. There are some interesting tokens traded on KuCoin, too that are not available on Binance.

Also, the amount of Airdrops distributed by KuCoin is higher. Binance seems to put many more into the own pockets.

In general, I have to say though, that I like the trading features of Binance more, for me, they feel more intuitive.

It looks interesting this type of information, thank you very much for the contribution, I will review it in detail!