Student Employment Program on Ethereum Network - bitJob ICO

in ethereum •  9 months ago

This is an interesting concept. The guys behind bitJob want to create a portal where students will seek for part-time jobs and employers will find them there easily. People will be getting STU (native tokens of platform) or USD so it wont be full crypto as students need to learn first what crypto is.

The company already raised 3780 ETH in presale and todays ICO so far added to 483.05 ETH with 342 participants so far.
There is 20% bonus to buy today so can be worth checking it right now.

Deeper description

Okay so we got the concept but how will they kickstart it and get employers to start lookin for students on the portal?
And this is where it gets interesting - they already have loads of great partners ie Government of the Netherlands, Blockchain Education Network, University of Florida Bitcoin Club, Cyprus International Institute of Management.

See more below.

Since you need to do your own research get on their page and decide yourself -

Also a longer writeup on bitJob is to be found here -

Worth noting that they already work with a few ICOs that were a success - Bancor, Indorse and Wings.

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Thanks for sharing!

This is another ICO/Project where I really need to ask, why do they need their own token? Why not using ether itself(which would be perfect) ?


ETH is very expensive


Actually the app is showing salary details in USD, so it does not matter if Ethereum is expensiv or not. You still would get paid in USD amount of ETH. So you argument does not work here.


That not much expensive Around $290

This will be a great way to ease the students in to crypto for sure!

holy shit this is badass. wonder when they will be doing a crypto college of some type. I can finally go to college and not get scammed and raped either!


crypto and video and blockchain will allow people to stay home while going to school, college credits will be crypto currency tokens maybe? or maybe people need a new sort of campus structure online where people use the steem blockchain to create classes submit papers and homework, and we can have it so that teachers grade students by upvoting students different amounts depending on how much they liek theyr comments etc, we could do SO muich with a Steem school, i know one scihool in Australia is creating a full stem witness node to allow students to publish school work on the tseemit blockchain, any school that publishes school work to steemit will get a LOt of support from whoel steemuit communitya nd kids will end up with a lot of money for themselves and their parents!

WOW imagine if young kids were encouraged to get on steemit VERY early on, learn to make helpful posts etc, learn to ask engaging helpful Questions, and then we could have kids end up with a few hundred steem which woudl end up being worth thousands of dollars in teh future! steemit accounts could be kids first way to invest or future retirement funds!

And about finding jobs on a blockchain, in the future all work will be decentralized! wrk will be available for anyone to do, work will be compartmentalized into a load that efficient specialists can take and have done, eventually AI does the work better faster than humans but in the future for example SUpport tickets will just be sent out to the public and whoever answers the best support ticket gets the most Steempower upvotes so we could reward people for their Forums expertise so many online forum users fix preoblems everyday never get paid so with steem blockchain we can finally find al those helpful people online and use them to fix all sorts of tech support problems!

Anyway blockchain will be great for organizing the planet to get a lot more done at a good price! we can definitely use AI to speed things up but blockchain will help more epople find jobs for sure! steemit will end up hiring I would guess maybe a few hundred million people in the future!!!


That's so cool, I like it! Steem School it fits. I am working on making transcriptions for talks like the Whaletank hangout, I'd love to be able to have interactive transcripts like Coursera does!

I also like the job idea but I'd take it into the neighborhood where you live in. Lot's of older folk who could take your kid from school, kids can learn something from them, people getting to know each other. Sort of virtual families :)


@ackza I certainly agree. Just today I was thinking the same applying it to #kwese TV customer service. Any tech or other support needed? just steemit with an apprpriate hash tag. Well said ( " example SUpport tickets will just be sent out to the public and whoever answers the best support ticket gets the most Steempower upvotes so we could reward people for their Forums expertise so many online forum users fix problems everyday never get paid so with steem blockchain we can finally find all those helpful people online and use them to fix all sorts of tech support problems!)

Hey kingscrown,
Nice work sir

Interesting and a good way to get young folks into crypto.

Thanks for the email, this is a really great idea! Similar to an idea I had with "Steemit Jobs" - small task to help newbie's by trying it out and have some sort of mentor support. Improving the community by making Steem better by for instance making side projects and side-chains like DTube and DSound.

Thanks mate!

I've just read the Dutch gov's reports on experimenting with blockchain tech. They try to portray it as a huge improvement to their administration processes (which it probably is), but to me it seems the most important thing they try to achieve is to collect taxes more effectively. They've already run a pilot for collecting tourist tax that they miss because of platforms like Airbnb, and now they want to register students' income on the blockchain. Young people in the Netherlands who work part-time, often work off the record because it's easier to keep it off the books.

I'm not very fond of governments co-opting crypto...

Very interesting concept but many job sites or Linkedin is excellent looking for job.

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Thank you

Interesting to see that Montreal's McGill University is a partner to the bitJop concept​.

Well I must say that this is a decent idea

Yes, people are more getting it that crypto is the future. That would be great a class or school just to focus on making money with crypto. I would like to go to that class.

It's for sure fantastic for everybody at school. New thing should attract more young guys.

This seems very interesting, and if its the currency of the future then young people such as myself should get into this more.

Excellent opportunity!
Thanks for sharing , @kingscrown

Excellent systems will penetrate more and more. I am paying attention to encryption currency, ICO, block chain relation.

thanks very much

An exciting part-time job,
Thanks @ kingscrown for this very useful information.

Good info.i follow you. Thanks

Everything about it looks good but I'd be a little e wary about investing at this point.

Wow this is pretty sweet, its going to interesting to see how many jobs cryptocurrencies will end up creating for the future

amazing contents

Very informative post. please upvote and follow me i really need help growing on steemit..

interesting idea

@kingscrown, very valuable words you share with us specially for students .there is a " bit job" an opportunity for students. very well sir you always shared such a important plans, you have inspiring writting skills, my support with u.

Looks like interesting idea, but i'll wait and see whether it will be huge hit or just another ICO with great idea but bad execution.

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Cool, this is a really interesting concept. Students need as much money as they can get for college so they don’t become lifelong victims of predatory students loans.

Finally this particular job will really help poor people to go to college. It will come a time that scholarship is not needed but this Job will help to substitute the latter.

Amazing news to hear today.

Greet Post

good stuff

i think well see alot of employment oppertunitys comming from virtual currencies in a lot of areas

Those are some awesome opportunity. Thanks @kingscrown!!!

The concept is interesting but apart from students there is a huge potential among the housewives especially in India they should be tapped to

Damn it, I would like to be a student again...


they have already released an update

Interesting, I appreciate you sharing this

@kingscrown Great day I value all the info and hard work thank you :).

You are right! Students face two major problems – They don’t have much cash while studying, and they lack occupational experience once they graduate. bitJob promises to solve both of these problems! Good luck!

Sounds like a way of taking advantage of vulnerable students by giving them a worthless altcoin token.


If you check the longer post that ive linked you will see.. students can choose Paypal instead of the token!


why is their a token at all?


they want to teach students about crypto and by doing tasks on the site and taking payment in STU you will make more. So possibly (just my idea didnt verify this) for doing ID verification you get some tokens, for answering some job offer you get some etc.

Read their whitepaper though


i see...I like the decentralized part of bitjob but not the token part. But i will buy a few so if it increase yeah if not did not lose too much money :) I just do not think the token is that great i can be wrong.

This is interesting, Cake Codes is also planning to start a similar platform and they released the white paper.

It is good to know that the Government of Netherlands is taking part in Block chain based hiring portal.

This is great :) It could help students to find their first job and start earning money. Also, I think most of jobs will be remote so it's a great opportunity for students from low income countries.

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Quite impressive concept.

Wowza. Im in for this! Great find!
I wish I could get a blockchain job!!!


You can help out right here on Steemit :)

Thanks, will share this info with students i know. The experience and money will come in handy
Nowadays, there is tight competition and such offers are a boon. Thanks once again

upvote me please :'D .. if thats not against the rules

wonderful program. love the empowerment

Good luck, informative post, best for the future

Nice to meet you,
Wow, this is somehow a dream come true after all these years envisioning it coming to our everyday world.
I votes you post plase vote my post thank you
Thanks a lot for sharing, great job as always,

This really helpful for students like me :D Crypto Knowledge !!!

It sounds really good..some students have financial problem and cannot pay tuition fee, and bit job provide a solution for that..amazing.. By the it possible for Indonesian students?

Now this will help to lead the change :)

Thanks for the information

This is a very useful info tanks a lot

This a very useful post tanks for sharing

My first thought - why don't they spread this program to all people? I'm heading to their website now, maybe there is an answer...

I believe this is a good initiative in a generation where we have go through agencies to get payments and end up paying them commissions. There is lack of high quality genuine portals for students to earn some part time money at that period. Hope bitjob can fill this vaccum and help students. As we say youngsters need to be influenced in young age to have an impact in future. These youngsters will enter the world of crypto currency indirectly. Thank you for sharing. progres.... I like it... progres.... I like it...

Interesting and a good way

@kingscrown Great submit. Hardwork pays a lot more so preserve Functioning tough!.

thanks for sharing

@kingscrown This is awesome! Love it.

@kingscrown Really intriguing and insightful submit. Want you the most effective with all of your potential endeavors.

Some interesting stuff they wanna do. I always enjoy reading these news of ppl trying to put the blockchain to good use.

@kingscrown Steemit is gonna adjust a great deal of lifes, it's transformed mine and several Other folks but that is certainly just the start..

I'm assuming that this is some sort of middle-man platform. I am always cautious on this sort of thing. I think that middle-man platforms, which charge a percentage of a person's labor for an automated "service", will find themselves up against it as the crypto-economy grows, and as workers and employers alike look for decentralized peer-to-peer solutions. It has the potential to do well until someone creates something similar for free (or almost free).

Got any tips on other things like ... I earned 0.7 today doing nothing but watching videos and 1 survey. I was told a faucet is a better use of my time. is that true? Also if i earn crypto.. is it better to earn one type over another?

Thanks for the post!

solid info , and thanks alot, am new to this crypto currency thing so would love to learn as much as possible plus the pros and cons

work very well
I love it and love to follow you
vest plz follow me @mudatnad and give me want value from esteem.t
thank you

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im not a techno nerd so i dont get what the hell this is about. i tried and failed...ill just stick to graffiti and skateboarding

Thanks for sharing this :)

I like the idea of bitJob and I will be watching it to see if I want to invest. (Good chance I will) This will work great in hand with our verttical on our platform bitqyck. We have a platform coming soon called "mployme' which is a video app that will allow people to make a video resume. See my link in my bio to learn more.