Sharpe.Capital ICO - Earn ETH in Exchange for Your Opinion about Markets and Assets.

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This is a brand new innovative blockchain company, paying Ethereum in exchange for people's opinion about equity markets and Blockchain assets. Think of it like prediction market but with machine learning, language processing and a lot of technology helping to predict things on top.

Sharpe Capital Idea

So basically by holding SHP (their token) you will be receiving Ethereum in exchange for checking their predictions and giving opinions. The more SHP and good predictions you have the more ETH you will be getting per campaign.

Starting Q4 2018, hedge funds and other financial companies will be able to purchase access to Sharpe's data feeds and financial models


All of this will auto review investments then leave decision making to users of the system to decide if its accurate or not.

ICO Rules and Things to Not Miss

You have some time to make a decision and research on the investment yet here is some key points to not overlook.

There is a hard cap of $20 million, and one Sharpe Capital token -- SHP -- priced at 1/2000 of 1 ETH.

ICO starts on November 13th and they already closed whitelist with $8 million, weeks before sale is live.

During the 7 presale period, which starts November 6, 2017 worldwide, SHP token buyers will be able to receive discounts on their purchase, ahead of the 28-day crowd sale scheduled for November 13, 2017.

Prior to mass market adoption, the team of Sharpe Capital is planning to launch the Alpha version of the platform. The platform will be available to ICO participants to start earning ETH from the day the crowdsale ends.


Last but not least.. TaaS is one of their partners. Its a tokenized closed-end fund dedicated to blockchain markets with current marketcap of $34,961,984.

Research and Buy official site whitepaper buy tokens

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Really such helpful post @kingscrown. Great job...Keep updating such posts...Thanks a lot

Didnt we already have one of these back in the run up? I remember participating. Good opinions were rewarded with $$.

Can't remember the name of the site. It came and went.

I wonder what is different about this time around?

They have lots of snazzy buzzwords in the marketing material.

So at least they have decent marketing working for them.

I guess they will oversubscribe the ICO and many will walk away rich at that point

Quora is doing fine right now. Which also relies a lot on sharing experiences and opinions. Except you don't get paid for it then.

you predict valuation vs their bots, you can say bots are wrong and if you are right you make more than others. they dont want positive opinions they want to pay you to help tweaking their algo

Worth a look if TaaS endorses

Hi Kingscrown,

So it's a prediction model software for the pricing of crytocurrency. Is this similar to redpulse the chinese version for financial data.

I may invest some small amounts into this. I do recall a similat app that did this for sports betting. Interesting that this also applying it to crytpo!

Wow! This is way over my head, but it sounds promising. I just might have to do some checking into this.

Yes i completely agree with you.. We should check this out..!!

recently joined you...Always found good posts here

Nice. Looks like a winner. Excited to see the technology go live.

The steem blockchain definitely has the potential for creating a project similar to this one!

Why would hedge funds and other buy side firms pay for investment recommendations from the 'average joe'. These guys are literally paid money so they can generate returns that the 'average' investors are not able to attain. It does not sound like a good thesis to base their ICO and their project on. It looks like a cash grab

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Will this platform use our opinion to make better future prediction that great.

Thanks for the good info ~~

10000$ minimum deposit is quite a bit... Although the idea does sound interesting.

Your post is very interesting.
also thanks for sharing the video with us.

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Wow It begins with $10,000 USD deposit. What is this site?

good information, thanks for share

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Wow dear @kingscrown it is really an interesting compaign. well after how many predictions we can get ETH or can we get on every good prediction?

This is something new @kingscrown

thanks for sharing the idea! o/

@kingscrown your post are very informative and well structured, and this sound like a good idea, money for an opinion sound great

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Thanks for the information.

Thank you @kingscrown for sharing great deals with us

Its a new blockchain company, The technology is good, hope the performance of this company is also good. hope for the best.

thanks @kingscrown. A really good post. I will be having a look into this. sounds like excellent fun

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hi dear steemit iam a new member in steemit i will be happy that you see my blog and share your idea and sujjestion how to inprove my blog
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I don't think this idea is quite as interesting as Steemit (even without taking into account the Steem blockchain), but it is noteworthy. Thanks for sharing!.

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I like the idea..crypto for your opinion. Sort of like Steemit :)

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Interesting concept. I will have to keep an eye on it.

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