Request Network now on Shopify!

in ethereum •  5 months ago

REQ is one of the icos that didnt have big impact yet despite loads of amazing news they have.

They want to fulfil niche that paypal has - of subscriptions and payment requests that get filled.


Trades in loads of decent asian exchanges with of course Binance on top.

Today they added plugin for Shopfiy one of the most know ne-commerce platforms.

If you own a webshop on this system you can now accept crypto. Now just REQ but many other ERC20 tokens and BTC will be added soon.

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I have seen this coin on Binance so many times because it's near RDN and Augur in the BTC pairs list. Never really gave much thought to frankly but it seems like pretty decent idea for a coin

Was waiting to see what's happening with REQ, big fan and HODLer of the coin. Was anticipating this but no movement

New Roadmap also!