Remember CryptoKittiez Hype? Now its Time for CryptoCarz!

in ethereum •  5 months ago

Blockchain based games imho are future of gaming, CryptoKittez shown the power of those and we had many others since then.

We know people love cats but what about cars? These guys aim for the car love niche!


CryptoCarz Genesis

A multiplayer, virtual reality enabled the racing experience, powered by blockchain technology, allowing you to build and drive your own ride online where our racetracks will let you test your skills. Our garage will offer the latest of mods and kits to create unique builds. Each car is from a limited-edition series model that will also be a collectable piece in your virtual garage, exactly like a real car.

We dont know much yet but they claim..

It will be Ethereum based so wallet like MetaMask will probably be needed like in other games.


Main paper:
Short paper:

ETH Markets

Binance with 2 spots in top10 but as usual Bitfinex rocks the price.

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Anyone want to trade there cars for some of my old kitties?


You are changing a cat for a car :O horrible thing to do ....

JK, can't wait to try this game out haha


one other interesting comes up? let's see hype will come again with this car games or not :D

I am thinking so deep about blockchain
technology and we have not seen anything yet.
2019, 2020 more ideas, way more ideas to generate income.

Thanks for the info!

Interesting concept. Looking forward to release.

SpankChain also has CryptoTitties.

I do believe blockchain based games will have a big impact but I think they have to get so much better and so much easier


I agree, they are still pretty annoying to play, especially when you have to pay a fee for every action you take. I wonder if EOS will be able to provide a better platform to create games on.

Please no!

Tipuvote! 0.4 :)

great articel !!

This will be interesting, always been a fan of car games so I'll check it out.

Thanks for the post.

Indeed I love cars and I will be glue to your post to catch all the latest about the blockchain and cryptocurrency @kingscrown great job 👍💪🏽

The decentralized world never seizes to amaze..

excellent post

As the times progressed, there continued to be an excess in the world of Blockchain, incredible world. #Crypto

Hi @kingscrown,

You were one of the first people
I started following here on Steemit.
I think the animated gif of the
stabing steem creature is pretty funny.
The only thing I've noticed is that it
doesn't look very good in
Nightmode because
of the white background.
I've taken the liberty
of giving it a transparant
background so it will look great
in nightmode Steemit too!

With kind regards,

great! waiting for more updates

lol they are just throwing everything out now to make money and a quick buck. Crypt kitties then bots then celebs and now this a clear patterns of scamming people out of money yet seriously a majority of people are to damn stupid and just invest haha


Makes you wonder when they will get into the sticker market where they become "disposed" on use for posting them on a page. Just 5 BTC folks!!! Limited time special edition only 3 of these stickers to ever be made!!!!!!

Wait a min shhhh I just had a million dollar idea. No, billions, omg this is going make trillions.


sadly it prob would lol

Very interesting concept. It is going to be awesome for car game lovers.

Very interesting... I like it!