POWH - The World's First Autonomous and Self-Sustaining Pyramid Scheme

in ethereum •  last year 

After Bitconnect ponzi fallen some people decided to make a ponzi that cannot be taken down and came with this funny idea.

TLDR; It runs forever, the "team" cant exit. You buy coin on market price and if you want to sell it you have to do it at -10%. All profits from this are shared between hodlers of the coin.

The idea came from Dr. Jochen Hoenicke whos developer of the Trezor Firmware, the team is anonymous but as a joke they have put whos there.

To invest you need to use Metamask and have some Ethereum.
While buiying they make sure you understand whats going on.

Website: https://powhcoin.com/

Remember this is a scam and ponzi scheme. Always do your own research before buying anything ;)

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what a funny coin LOL :)
it's more funny than DOGE, I think

I might try this with a little ETH just for fun...

  ·  last year (edited)

Haha ,it's a game, I bought 2 ETH, while early it's better to buy now.


ETH is good coin which we can trust after BTC but all are not the same like them.

There will still be some who will buy it. Hell, it may even become a thing like Doge!

This is the ultimate crypto meme lol the team profiles are hilarious


Yes really the profile are hilarious.

  ·  last year (edited)

Hahaha, they are actually anonymous so they decided not to write too much in the profile.


im eagerly thinking that even they also don't know that they are in this program team. lol


Very true. Look for the one guy laughing to himself all the time. That's the leader. And even team members are his office fish names haha. Maybe a little too far.


  ·  last year (edited)

FUCK, I'm at work and I can't stop laughing while I read their website!

Where do I sign up 😂🤣😂🤣😂

  ·  last year (edited)

The sign up button will sure appear when press 'yep' in agreemebt to losing money

Hmmmm, this looks like a ponzi scheme to me.
Not sure about it though.

I didn't know that Satoshi-chan was so cute!
If Satoshi-chan is for it, then its got to be a good investment.


Lol! "Not sure about it" 😂

Is there reffer link? :D

Great idea to make people fools by this ponzi one. @kingcrown you are a great You are making people's aware about this type of ponzi scheme. Really you are doing great work and good research and I really appreciated by you.




i couldnt resist and bought a little

im just scared now to enter in any program which is hitting me hard that it will also scam .

Thought I'd throw in 50$ as a joke and have already made 10$ in sweet snek dividends. Plus the coin has gone up too so win win so far. Guess ill need to see how bad I lose when the hands start dropping. Good Luck.

Man you just made my day!!! That was hilarious. 🤣🤣

Look at the White paper!!! hahaha

-Upvoted and ReSteemed!


yeah i love it

i enjoy your post! thanks


These guys! Crazy guys!

Yea @sirsticks a very good advice for investors so they dont run at loss

thank you to your concern about scam sir! alot of people doing scam i wonder why they will not join steemit and play fair. they have great ideas and i think they will get popular on steemit if they does. :)

Love it! This was so needed in the crypto space! LMAO!!!

Oh wow haha, I know this is pretty much Satirical, but is there actually any chance to make money from it? Even though its selling itself as a pyramid scheme?

If dogs are smart enough not to buy into this, I wonder what the intellect of people is who buy into something being sold as a joke lol.

Actually, the first smart contract of note was called "Fair Ponzi". :) Hit ETH's blockchain sometime in 2015 (can't recall specifics.)


im sure wasnt that funny :)


Yep: an in-joke is always a good joke. :)

Lmao its sounds all cool but sadly it just looks to good to be true.download (1).jpg

At least they are honest, very funny.

Ha just made a post on it as well.

haha classic! I need to hang out with crypto investment dog more.

great idea to make people fools lol

I imagine that people will buy into it and it will probably even do well for a while. It's funny the things people can come up with. Is the warning only in English. If you're a user that speaks a different language, you might not realize it's a scam and invest anyways. Wouldn't that be terrible?

I love this scam idea... it made my day...

thank you it is quite interesting and useful.


Sophisticated Ponzi


That's actually hilarious. I bought like $30 worth because who knows? Seems like it has the potential to go viral.

I would not be surprised though at the amount of people that will invest in this. The human society is so sad🤣🤣🤣🤣


already over 500 ETH there!


Its funny because that chart, etc are so bitcoin.
It's sad because I want some.

A good piece of advice to investors....

Investors should be very careful not to engage in such schemes

I dont know about that. I am still kinda scared about ponzi 😭

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I would do it, no doubt about it :D

Great article for Ethereum investors only ?

Ha ha, I will lose it if this takes off!

Love it! At least they are being honest!!

Great article for Ethereum investors only ?

LOL Thanks a lot! Great idea, will surely be misunderstood by many crypto "experts"...

I've always hated on Ponzi Scheme but this one makes me want to throw some money at it. Finally a legitimate ponzi.

Best crypto meme ever lol


Im doing a fun little challenge to see what people would do if they had 10,000$ to invest in crypto with only one week to do it. Come comment on my post and i will calculate your profit at the end of the week:



Very poor etiquette to promote your post in the comment section of another person’s post. Your basically trying to hijack their post for your personal gain...