Mobu ICO - The Future of Security Tokens

in ethereum •  7 months ago

Loads of coins were scared to be securities yet some actually point into this niche and see the future in it. This is one of the most interesting projects.

The Idea

A good explanation we can see in the video below.

tldr; They will let non-tech business to raise funds on ICOs since they work better than IPOs right now.
This market is huge. Its a Decentralised Platform and End-to-end Solution for
Launching Compliant Security Tokens


Tokens will be issued as purchased and additional release of tokens will not be possible. Secured ways to purchase tokens: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litcoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash(BCH), DASH or FIAT (USD).
Non-accredited investors from United States of America are not allowed to participate in this ICO

  • Token price 0.15 USD
  • Ends 31 JAN 2019 11:00 UTC

Notice how long it runs, but depending on when you join there are bonuses of up to 20%. Keep in mind if they reach hardcap of 35,000,000 USD it ends.


Always do research before investing into anything!

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Thanikd for sharing!

This post was upvoted for being original, creative and all around amazing.
Keep up the excellent work! Thank you for being a supporter.
Full Steem Ahead!! <3

this looks like a great idea

What is the 4 percent for advisors ? :D I wanna be one

Very long investment round. Interesting why they went for such a long timeframe. Be pretty powerful if they manage to gain attention from the target market!

Ill buy some at 1 satoshi...

Hey @kingscrown. @brandonk and I were wondering if this was you. Or someone banking on your coattails.


its me!

Interesting concept and project, thanks for sharing and I will keep an eye out for them, keep up the great content @kingscrown

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ThAnk you very good token introduced in your future
Future is very good and profitable


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Ethereum has so many practical applications in the real world, and decentralising travel is just one of them. We're seeing lots of exciting ways to not only revamp existing products like Triip but create entirely new, never-before-seen concepts like Virtual Universe.

Sush a great idea.i will watch your video.Peoples invest 3.4 billion.this is very huge amount..very save investments.thanks for sharing.

Future security technology: When the password is lost

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