Liked CryptoKittez? Check EtherBots!

in ethereum •  last year

Now you can build robots from parts and make them fight each other. Game made way better than Kittiez but will it stick? Who knows. is the website.

If you had some from presale (like me) you can activate them, if not you can buy. Many are cheaper now than in presale.

When you have parts, make a robot and decide moves.

Will the game pickup? I dont know but its best made out of all games I've played on ETH chain.

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looks great! voting it


what do you mean voting it?

You can use WAX tokens to buy Etherbots...

This looks awesome! How much ethereum do I need to throw down to be able to kick some robot ass?


I built a bot from parts, cost me about 0.3 ETH. Of the ETH based games I've played, it doesn't have the greatest payout though.


So what games have the best payouts?


I've been playing Ether Quest lately. There's a daily pot of 1-3 ETH in the tournament, which will go up as there's more players. Its a fun game, quite new and has a good community.

does etherium still holds a long term potential

This game sounds great but I think that kitties had that cute, feel good factor whilst being simplistic etc. Although this sounds the better game I’m not sure if it will take off in the same way.

Blockchain games are starting to become a thing. This one might pick up if the Devs don't abandon it


Noooo, not again. Can't we think of something more useful to use the Blockchain for?
Great projects like Golem and DGD are now years late, but such projects spring up like mushrooms this days!

These kind of games like bots, Kittiez, Ethphoniex that is using Ethereum will be much better if it runs under EOS because of the fast tnx and zero fee.


agreed... cannot wait for that!

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Really a great news

Amazing post...i hope i can learn for you because i still Steemit in this Steemit community

Ether bots does seem to have more going for it then the other ethereum game or well digital collection cards thingy magini

My upvote is little, yet you have it,my companion. On the off chance that storing cash is an unquestionable requirement, at that point it's simply betting, plain and basic

wow this is a great info and thanks so much for sharing

Not gunna lie I am definitely getting into some of these ethereum based games :D Currently Messing around with the Ethergotchi Alpha as well as Mythereum, will definitely check etherbots out now too. Cheers for the heads up @kingscrown

it seems that this is an interesting game, my community and I have not known before.I asked permission to you to republish in my account, and I have written it and put reference source from your account, thanks, I want to popularize in my country indonesia.dan this is url that post I rewrite :

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Wow robot game i will try this for sure !!

Very nice post...Support you!

Cool i will give it a go..

Nice post
Please help me

This actually looks like a lot of fun :)

These games should be free.. If depositing money is a must, then it's just gambling, plain and simple.


Not gambling where the house always wins though, it looks more like poker. There is luck involved obviously, bit also Some tactical choices

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Post yang istimewa (indonesia)

Ether bots are really cool collectibles with limited supply and a bit pricey.

Collectible bots and battles with them. Ether bots is pretty cool.

My upvote is small, but you've got it,my friend. Please checkout my animation videos if you have time. I'm the only one animator on dtube! Thank you.

This really looks interesting!

Good concept. I always thought one day I would make a game where real money can be spent and withdrawn. This one is good!