KickCity ICO - An Actual Product and 2 Years Old Company Going Decentralized!

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Unlike most ICOs this guys already are earning and they have a product thats working. Now they just want to level up and make it decentralized so i thought i will show you this.

Currently website works with Paypal and Bitcoin but they want to make it using Bancor Protocol (another good ICO) on Ethereum network.

The product is live at

But also.. its already in Google Play and iOS Appstore where you can leech their apps.

If you live in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Houston, Helsinki, Toronto or Dubai you can test it live. Do not be shy to post here in comments your experience.

ICO Terms

STarts in around 11 hours from now and what i like is that they will burn tokens that wont be sold.
Since you have time of course do your own research before buying. As usual thi days, the ICO is ETH only.

Longer article -

Official site -

PS. This post disappeared, seems theres some bug with nodes again. If you write a post, copy paste to notepad before submitting.

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Hi kingscrown,
Thanks for sharing

Great ICO it should be good for the future!!!

What does kick do?

Like any ICO I will wait and see if there will ever be anything worthwhile after funding. When I see a new ICO I will always be sceptical at first.

Nice to see that the business side of cryptocurrency is starting to grow up. ICO's and kickstarter style campaigns have gotten worse over the years as people use them to make a quick buck. I think ICO's are an amazing way for small businesses to raise their initial funding, but too many of them seem like cash grabs at the moment. We need more businesses in the game that have a product and want to move into crypto as opposed to starting a new business to get in on the cryptocurrency boom. I think SMT will make it a lot easier for entertainment companies to make that switch. Other industries will have to come up with their own tokens and best practices, or they will be left behind by those companies that do switch. Thanks for the heads-up @kingscrown, it's not an ICO that I'm interested in but it restores my faith in ICOs a little bit.

Good job :)

Sounds interesting. How is this different from Kick ICO? Too many ICO's to keep track wish the day consisted of more than 24 hours. Interesting times we live in!

Thank you for sharing! I am actually brand new to Steemit and this is the first post I saw! I am looking forward to reading more content like yours as I am very interested in the cryptocurrency industry. It is great to see products taking the decentralized route! I am looking forward to reading the comments on this thread and read their experiences.

welcome to Steemit

Already having a product that works is a great indicator that they're serious about their project. This also creates trust with possible investors. There are a lot of ICOs around these days and many of them cannot deliver what they promised.

This is what we need to make crypto revolutionary. Integrate decentralised crypto into the real world! This way we will empower ourselves more, take back the control over our own wealth, and work together to provide great value to one another.

Steem on!

the idea behind this is :
whole new way of organizing your leisure.
thanks for sharing

Ooh I See it's Not Good

Hi everyone into ICOs. I'd like to know how do you know the legit ICOs from the scam coins? I have seen too many ICOs and now I'm kind of skeptic in the ones I have invested in?

Let's spark up this discussion and have a good set of metrics to sperate the BS from the rest. Because every token sale has a nice looking HTML5 website and a legit looking roadmap and Whitepaper.

And my question isn't for the obvious scam coins that don't even bother with Whitepaper. I'm asking about the ones that look totally legit?

At the end of the day it's all a gamble in my opinion?

Would love to hear from others here.

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Interesting post.

is this a security? What are these tokens for? How will I be able to recoup my investment? Am I entitled to a share of equity or profits?

I went through the ICO, and its quite dope

wow. something to really take a close look at. thanks so much for sharing.

wow. something to really take a close look at. thanks so much for sharing.

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Nice article, it was put together very well. Thanks for sharing this.

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Very informative post. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

thank for your great information and post.

Finally! An ICO i can get behind.

really good job

That's awesome. Kickcity is gonna be good

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A product up and running?! Sweet.

Other ICOs are like, oh we launch in 2018 June.

K bye.

nice article

Nice article, it was put together very well. Thanks for sharing this.

good post friends

That's awesome. Kickcity is gonna be good

for which exchange KCY will be launched

what is the difference between kickico and kickcity ???

Congratulations to kickcity

Thanks for sharing i love learning and exploring more options available in this cryptocurrency world.

ETH everywhere, just sayin^^

Excellent! Kingcrown

I've read before that they have app for creating, promoting and crowdfunding events but didn't expect that they stepped up so far already. Read about a new project of Coliving Club Network - Dinom token. ICO starts soon. More info at

Cool follow mee pl

The greay thing is there is a product thats already useable amd working. I will defintelt look at the white pages on this

Not too much content on
Looks like a website being put up quickly.

a very interesting idea, am I allowed without a new post? I just want your post @kingscrown

So we got KickStarter, Kik and KickCity....what's with all the kickin!?!

Great post! Really appreciate you sharing this with the steemit community. With blockchain technology being so new and evolving so rapidly, I really think most ICO's are worth taking a good look at.

Sounds interesting. And thanks for the heads up about a notepad. There's nothing more frustrating than lost content. OOHH!!! If you've ever been a college or university student you will know how painful it is to lose 6 hour assignment that you've been working on. Due to power outage or anything similar lol

This is a very interesting project. How do you think it is worth investing now?

Solid business development and team. It seems the future is bright for this team!

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