Investing in ETH ICOs a lot and forgot what you bought? Here is a tip.

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Okay with current craze of ERC20 tokens on ETH and mad profits on them people tend to send ETH left and right without remembering everything.

Also tokens dont always show up right away, sometimes you have to wait a week or so for them to come, sometimes do extra stuff like with EOS.

So lets say you have a bunch of ETH addresses but you are not sure what is where.

Here is a small tip, put your address on instead of etherscan or any blockchain lookup.

This website is dedicated to scan wallets for tokens on them, to my surprise on few addys ive found coins i had forgotten of.

Example result of a big wallet:

Notice how it also shows USD price spikes.

Current ROI of TOP ERC20 Tokens:

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Very good topic

I got some status and SONM. I hope SONM awakes from sleep as it has disappointed a lot.

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Interesring. Will not buy the eos. After quite a lot of research there is no value in the token rather than pure trading.

interesting to think about. Ill buy into EOS when the hype slows down

might wanna wait a little while. We need to see where the price settles everday $2mil coins are born. lol

I bought into EOS yesterday as I saw that only roughly 2k ETH had been invested in the Period and it was only 5 hours left, which would have gotten me a dramatic amount of EOS ... but then another 10k eth was invested and I basically got the same price as on bitfinex for each EOS. haha :)

The most valuable investment I have ever got from my friend is "do a lot study about the investment before you put into any money. then forget about it like the money has lost“ It helps to avoid any mood/emotion depression/excitement, from long term perspective, you gain more. Think about how many people lost money in a bull market by trying to buy low and sell high. :)

Best practice for equities. The crypto market write its own rules. You have to keep updated about all of your crypto investments and always revaluate your current holdings. In my opinion only few will survive but only time will tell

Thanks. My two cents is that if you keep on adjusting your strategy, it may not give you the best investment. I am more for doing research first to pick good ones if am wrong. Then hold onto it. And buy more regularly esp when it's down. Hopefully it works out from long term.

great topic

I'm making the crypto world friendly and accessible for everyone by explaining acronyms and terms related to cryptocurrency. Here I found:

ICOInitial Coin Offering is a means of crowdfunding the release of a new cryptocurrency, the tokens being sold to raise money for technical development
ETHEthereum token
ERC-20A token standard of Ethereum, which defines a common list of rules for all Ethereum tokens to follow, meaning that this particular token empowers developers of all types to accurately predict how new tokens will function within the larger Ethereum system

Please upvote for visibility. If there are any missing terms here you want to be added to the database, please comment, so I'll become better.

Vowww! Thanks for this tip. I have maintained an excel file to record ETH addresses that maps to multiple tokens. One to many. But also have multiple ETH address that store several other tokens. This is a great tool to have just in case if you forgot recording any of your tokens.
I also create a paper wallet for ETH address and write all the Token names on top of it. This will save some time. Thanks...

Good post thanks for all of this information @kingscrown

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thank you for the good info !

Nice information to share...

Good to know. Getting tired of wondering when ICO tokens will show up though, each one does something different on timing.

damn etheroll

I was surprised that swarm city is rising!

Great advice, thanks.

Becareful with ICO's guys very risky and overhyped, some of them are even scams

Of course ICO's very risky, but most of them are very profitable. High risk high return. Just do your on research before investing in ICO's.

Ico's are risky good point

ICO is just an investment tool. Whether it is risky , It depend on the how much you bet it in.
You will not say bet several bucks in Gold Lotto which is risky.
But how about if bet life savings in Gold Lotto?

Yeah true. It's all about the research. All scam coin business will slow down as crypto investors get educated as time passes. I know a friend who stopped investing in cryptos as a whole due to his trading habits and loss suffered. This has to happen until the dust settles down. Let's see...

wow! I need to learn more about this stuff!

I see the moral of this Post not as forgetting the tokens but the opportuninity blockchain technology have presented for ordinary people like me to participate to try and make a and to make a go better future for ourselves. Your portfolio speaks for itself.

Good information, recommended to friends..

Tezos looks promising, what do you think?

I would have to agree :)

I love Ethereum but with recent happenings on them it looks a bit scary to invest...i would only suggest to mine if you have the correct graphics...but buying...its scary until they clarify things better.

very very helpful and awesome

It's an excellent suggestion for investment. Buy and forget about it for a while. As I always say: Invest with money that you don't need for your diary living @kingscrown

That's why I'm already in a process of creating a machine that solves math questions itself for Ether

That's why it's always good to do your own DD before you buy into any ICOs

Ah interesting post there, thank you. I am thinking about investing in ETH ICOs but i wanted to check all ICOs for the last few month. Is there any site, where I can check which ICO made profit and which ICO failed hardly.
Especially a listing of the ICOs with hard loss would be nice. Then I could see the other site of this hype and would invest carefullly.
Thank you in advance

haha thats funny as but must admit I was also buying into that many ICOs I started running an excel spreadsheet to track it! Nice post

iCO's are a big risk but however typically the biggger the risk, the bigger the profit.

i like Golem token , and i think that the priceEOS will increase:)
great post following you

These are all cryptos you can buy with ETH? Sorry, I didn't understand. What exchange are you using?

Are these credible ICO

Most of us are learners, ICO, Crypto world is huge. For now am just getting acquainted with steemit. One step at a time. Thanks for sharing knowledge @kingscrown.

Holy crap on those ROIs. Thanks for the informative post.

This is going to be so useful, in helping me get organized and like what you mentioned, possible trace some forgotten ones :)

Be careful, not all of them are going to profit!

For instance, buying EOS in it's 2nd phase was actually losing money comparing to buying it from Exchange services.

People be trippin over themselves to get ICOs.

Good post men

I hope I will be in a position one day where this will make sense to do, I can unfortunately quite easily keep track now since my positions are not too big. But hey, I bought into EOS so I'm a multimillionaire looking for my next masserati soon, right?? Lol.

Right?? I wish I was in a position in which one of my biggest problems was forgetting which ICOs I purchased!

Thanks man for these details!

Great post thanks! Following for more news

Do I need to have claimed the tokens?

great tip... i will try this some time. :P

Great post thanks for sharing.

I've been holding some ETH for a while now and been wondering what to do with them. I guess ICOs do make since at this point... I hope I have missed out on all the good one by now though

Nice topic!

Thank you for the good posting.

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

i wish i had some doorayme to invest but the cupboard is bare. success goes to the well-heeled ;)

Well, What is new about it. Everyone one is buying in the ICO's like they are the potential Apple Inc. Everyone wants to be rich out of nothing and that's why people are investing in every other ICO happening on every single hour of every single day. There are a lot of Ethereum based tokens.
You know what the irony is. There's a token named Useless Ethereum Token, based on Ethereum of course. This token is completely useless and his developed specified that on its ICO page, still people are investing in that token just to make a profit out of nowhere, out of garbage.
People are not caring about what the coin is all about, they are just believing youtube channels, or word of mouth from anyone. They go straight and invest their money to make some quick bucks.
As far as EOS in concerned, it's a great token but people have speculated enough in this coin that it's value will fall day by day. It has become a hot coin before even it's real life project come into existence. This coin is highly volatile. One moment it's on sky and the other it'll be on ground.
So, the conclusion is, ICO's are great but after studying the coin fundamentals.
Thanks for sharing @kingscrown.

ICO's also have been good to me over the last 4 months. However, recently there has been a growing amount of interest and awareness on ICO's and right now without some sort of solid valuation process, I feel that most people are just trying their luck. I wrote about how to value tokens and the blockchain currencies some weeks back and Im simply no closer to a solution on this.

For now, I plan to sit ICO's out and then re-buy on the market once we go through a settling down phase. The day of a $0.01 ETH on an ICO in my opionion are gone!

Yeah this is where I get stuck. So hard to know what to get. So little info.

Thats the only way to succeed online by having a mindset of long term plan

ETH and EOS looks growing and it getting popular more and more. Let's hope for the best!!! You shared a real nice topic!! thanks mate!!

Wow, this is a really nice tool. I added it to my bookmarks.
I find it somewhat annoying to be monitoring my tokens through MyEtherWaller or
This will surely come in handy :)
Thanks a lot for your post!

Thanks for sharing that

There are so many different icos haha.
Golem seems to be doing well and it will probably keep getting better with it's restructuring.

Hello @kingscrown
Nice post...Appreciated your ideas about ETH ICOS......Its very useful to me...thank you so much sharing your valuble knowledge with other steemians...keep it up post....GOD BLESS YOU upvoted

very nice and informative

I participated in purchasing Golem when was listed on poloniex a few months back so far it has been a good one. I' going to wait on EOS though, I want it closer to ICO. There's another token that I'm interested in called sun token, it's basically dealing with energy conversation on the blockchain, sounds really cool.

MCO tokens have started trading.

ICO's got everyone's attention right now fortunes are being poured into them all i wanna see how many actually survive and how many will disappoint.

Nice tip thanks!!!

How could any body not love ICO's much better than IPO's.

Someone who wants to see my last post :(

Great tip! I just found a handful of VERI that I bought back in mid June.

Thanks for the tip I was asking that question myself today ! Everything comes to the point :)

Thank you for the helpful tips! you are the best

Very good topic. thanks

I learned something awesome today thanks to you, thank you!

Great post. Thank you for this information. This is just waht I was looking for.

My next investment would be in EOS

Much pine sol for units who could buy. Janitor unit domeciled in United States. Unit cannot purchase. Could not make much pine sol. Thanks for posting human unit @kingscrown

WOW i was JUST writing a list of all the icos and coisn anf fund i have invested in hahaha woow! i feel bad cuz i KNOW i forgot some of them! but its ok i will end up searcging my Gmail for most of them and its BETTER if u leave ur coins alone! they all just end up making alot of money thelonger u leave em alone!

wow i feel stupid for not investing in ALL of these ethereum based ICOs! Why doesnt Bittrex have more of them

oh well, ill use myetherwallet but i wish i could jst usejaxx to buy into ICOs and nt worry about not getting the ethereum back...but as long as u login with myetheralllet using the seed u will be able to see al the EC20 tokens u bought with jaxx right?

GODAMn these EC20 tokens have performed! damn i didnt know GNOSIS was that high! i aw it high on polonix but damn i should have kept my whole GNOSIS wen it irst came out

god damn i feel like i should have bought EVERYTHING that came oout!!! oh well steem is about to ht $1000 and we will all feel like we diidnt miss out

thank you for valuable post

Nice material


Thanks for this eye opener

The ROI on some of them since ICO is insane :o.

Nice p0st but you f0rgot to mention 'iDice' which is quite understandable considering soo many ETH ICO's , IC0's PERIOD! lol

Good, info! Thank you and keep it up! :)

i like this. Thanks for sharing this post.

this was something interesting..... you sold me something , i didn't know I needed...haha.
great post as always...

Great advice. Thanks

Good points in this blog. Good to see I'm not the only one who thinks like this. The crypto space brings the biggest group of uneducated investors with it. This group will only grow. We do need to look better at the insights of every coin. What team is behind it, is there any management. How strong is the product, is there any product at all? I really advice people to take a look at: This site gives a complete analysis and investment stats on every single tradable crypto out there.

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