Interview with Gladius CEO - Decentralized Anti DDoS Network

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I wrote about Gladius some time ago here and got loads of questions about this ICO. So i went to Telegram, found their CEO and dropped him questions that will possibly make it clearer how this is going to work and how you can profit just from running their app. Lets test me doing a short to-the-point interview.

1. We already know the idea but try to put them in most simple words yet with little bit of technical explanation. We understand the problem of Ddos and CDN just explain how this will work from side of buyer and seller.

From the buyer side you will go to the Gladius client web app and from there you can purchase pool services using Gladius tokens. Once they have done that they will need to change their domain's DNS records to point to the pool's name servers.

On the seller side, the configuration will be a little more challenging, and it will require tokens to list in the marketplace to prove interest

2. So a person will be installing an app, they will choose how much bandwidth to sell and keep it running in the background? Will the rates per 1k/b will be fixed or companies will bid to get best and fastest resources?
Will the app be also wallet or person will need to understand how ETH ecosystem work ?

The node will be payed depending on what pool they are a part of, and rates are set by that pool. The app will be two parts, a service that works as the node, and a web interface that works with metamask or some other injected web3.

3. How can you be sure theres enough people with enough speed in crucial places? Will you also share some of your servers for it at least initially ?

To begin we will run VPSs to create a functional network, and likely create bonuses for people in geographically desirable areas.

4. How decentralized will thesystem be, what if Gladius website/system goes down ? Will ETH contract be smart enough to keep running the network ?

The application could be run offline in true dapp fashion, we're just serving it.

5. Who does your code audit? With latest hacks in in Parity it seems crucial to have code verified properly.

We have had SmartDEC and Hosho both audit our contracts

6. Do you think in future you may move to another smart-contract system like EOS, QTUM or maybe create own fork just with options Gladius needs?

We have no plans in the works to do that

7. Do you already have clients who may be interested or you will be looking for them after ICO ending. Or maybe you tested it on somebody already ?

We have three partners/clients already, and will continue to search after the ICO

More info -

How do You guys like the form of interviews? I dont do them often, last one was with @blocktrades can be found somewhere on Steem and here -

Let me know in comments if you would like more of those!

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sounds interesting. I may be interested in the selling portion. I wonder if this or decentralized vpn service would be more profitable.


I'm wondering if this is another format with cryptocurrency involved, and maybe I'll try it out


You are true says .thanks

Gah, great stuff. Though I must say, thanks to the ICO craze of the summer, I'm split a bit too thin to venture into anything else.

This sounds like it is something like what CloudFlare currently offers but it will be on a blockchain instead?


An alternative is always good. It provides some competition to keep them pushing forward. I'm sure CloudFlare is all good, but I'm always directed there when the website failes to load, which is very often, leading me to subconciously dislike CloudFlare. It's stupid, I know, but my subconciousness believes what it wants to believe.

It's good they are trying.
But the reality is none of the decentralized exchanges are a successfull one

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its good...very informative...keep it up image
hope you like the scenery..
its ABC. i.e Annapurna Base Camp
any body heard of it or have been there

Nice to read your post thanks for this ppost like a gift

Good one, I never knew you had an interview with @blocktrades.Am following now, so I'll not miss any other interview. Thanks alot

Good one. I saw that the public pre-sale starts from Nov 24th, would we be getting updates from you before that day, or do we need to go to their site to get updates?

Ahha hey @kingscrown dear the information you posted something special for me as I was so much worried about the ddos attack and finally someone invented the cures really awesome and thank you for your efforts bring something special I think very special for me.
Thanks again.

kingscrown thank for the great post.

I like this post .... really inforamative

Interview seems good... I saw their RoadMap... The first official public release of the network will be on August 2018.. isnt it too much long time for public release...?

Really informative. I like getting posts like this. Finding new coins to invest.

Interesting concept but not sure if is viable a the moment.

hellow @kingscrown
Thanks for the great content

What will be price for one token? Also tell us what will be the minimum position we can participate.

good post i'm upvoted you@kingscrown

Wonderful, I was bothered sometime last month why all my posts from were not been posted on my blog, and then I read some steemit posts that made me understand it was due to ddos attacks. Would this app have anything to do with stopping ddos attacks?

It's simple and great interview with Gladius CEO. All the seven questions and answers are pretty impressive. But actually I don't understand how it works offline..the fourth one..Thanks for sharing with us.. @kingscrown

Really smart of you by asking the questions personally.
Good post, as always.

Nice one guys, since they already have 3 partners, it means it's something that looks big, I like to get more info on it. Thanks

Nice work

Great interview, i really have to go check out their site so I can get more information. Thanks a lot.

Interesting...have upvoted

Wow, these interviews are very wonderful. I missed that of @blocktrades, but I'll check it up at the link above

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Good work @kingscrown, I would really need this app to help me stop ddos attacks, I would have to check up their site on 24th.thanks alot

This could be a big thing for gaming servers, specifically competitive gaming. Thanks for the info.

Wow! Very interesing!!

Good post

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Interesting idea..will this somehow compromise privacy? Best wishes, - @splendohub
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What it's mean?

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Interesting post

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Helpful post

This interview has helped me a lot. I'll also try to check up their site to get more information. Thanks alot

really great!!!

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good work bro, i like your post

interesting and i saw their roadmap

Very informative stuff 😊 I'm just curious if your going to add 8th question what it will be? I'm just curious. FOLLOWED VOTED 😊


Interesting. Im new to steemit and i would love the support. Check out my page.

Well Said..


I think it's very interesting. I am new to this of the crypto and it seems to me a fascinating world. Greetings.

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@kingscrown thank for your info about ico

I am betting on this one! Thanks for the interview. Good read. This is actually an ICO that could have practical use with respect to the DDOS attacks.

interesting sounds

Excelente Post.

great post brother

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Sounds interesting.

I don't quite understand how this will be any better than currently available centralized services or DDoS software.

For once, I can't really understand how the blockchain would benefit this type of service. First time this has happened to me. Haha.


Yeah, what is the difference between this and say a service like CloudFlare?

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This application is useful
good job

I will deffinitely be researching this.

The topic of your post is great

@kingscrown good idea and nice interview. as @splendorhub mentioned privacy part ... is it ok?

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Good work September I lost a lot of my posts to ddos attacks, I don't know if this app would stop ddos attacks too. you guys are doing a good job. Keep it up

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This sounds like it is something like what CloudFlare currently offers but it will be on a blockchain instead?
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Yes we want more my friend you have done it good

Interesting thought. Thanks to the ICO. And also thanks to the author for this article.

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Really appreciated.

Nice post

best of luck,really good man

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The ability to move to other smart contract system would be crucial IMHO. Ethereum may be vulnerable and that would kill way too many ERC20 tokens.