Indorse The Decentralized Professional Network build on Ethereum - ICO Phase

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This is another interesting token built on top of Ethereum and there are few days left to invest into it.

For start check their video.

From the looks this will be something like Linked-in but where everything is decentralized and for actions and interactions with users you get paid in tokens.

These guys already got 30k ETH but there is still spot for 20k more and around 10 days to do so.

Since we already know that social medias are the top of trending online stuff (hey, we are on Steemit right now!) a network for endorsing, listing and rating skills might be a bull's eye.

So you wonder how its gonna work? Check their Proof of Concept

No fancy design there, this is just to show the engine.

Worth noting that WINGS platform is predicting they will gather 44k ETH.

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Always do your own research, i share here ideas and hits but you need to do your homework.
To learn more check their site directly or a longer write-up on this @


I bet HitBTC will list this token as first exchange since they are currently super fast with Ethereum tokens and we can expect this one to go up like STX, ADX.

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Looks like an interesting project!

It IS an interesting project!

I am asking myself what should a developer do if he is a node.js developer but doesn`t have any public repository on github. How can he claim his ability ? All in all an interesting project to watch for.

What can you do on it? Post content? Earn? What, exactly?

I think with Indorse you can verify your claims from other people. Currently, If you go to a linkedIn profile, a lot of informations/claims could be fake. So if you have a profile at Indorse your claims are much more valuable because people with knowledge verified it.

I have a home I would love to sell for bitcoin. I wish there was a good escrow setup, but as of yet none.


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Well, this looks like a good time!

Photo by me

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Photo by Yuri Budilnikov.

What do you think of their team @kingscrown?
Did you invest?

Hi @kingscrown. Thank you for the post. Reading it made me go and do more research about Indorse. I have reached the conclusion that it is not a good investment for me.

You see, LinkedIn has a huge network already and a great product too. Why would a professional leave that and use Indorse?! The reward is simply not enough. Of course, there will be some people trying to trick the system to get some rewards, but I believe that most professionals will not.

Here's an angle @sadekj: Cryptocurrency has a bad or mysterious connotation in many circles, the whole fear-of-the-unknown thing. Referring LI connections to an alternate blockchain-based site for professionals could serve as a good way to introduce blockchain and cryptocurrency concepts to the masses. Once we have mass adoption, Indorse could end up becoming the bandwagon that less-informed corporate types jump on. Then again, would that be enough to keep the platform viable in the long run? In the end, its all a gamble until we see product!

A good point, @nofiat. However, I would rather put my money somewhere less risky. What is wrong with steem, bitcoin and ether ?

Too many ICOs and too many new blockchain based stuff we are hearing about everyday

Trying to keep up,, but it's becoming really difficult

This is going crazy

im here to help daily ;)

I agree @malekalmsaddi. It has become a gold rush. However, what everyone seems to miss is that the blockchain is not suitable for everything. It is very similar to the Internet craze. Only projects who are really benefiting from the blockchain will stay.

The wild west of blockchain!

Yes, I completely understand your sentiment


I am still a bit dubious on the huge number of these ICO's. For me I'd rather put it in something established - lower risk - but yeah, lower return!

What is wrong with btc ? Its roi is good. In my experience, btc outperforms most of these icos eventually. I don't invest in a another project unless I see a really solid opportunity. Otherwise, I would stick with btc.

They will definitely weed themselves out

In my home I would like to sell for bitcoin. I wish there was one of the best escrow setup, but as of yet none.

Seriously love how many new cryptos and projects are based on ETH it just goes to show you how undervalued it still is.

Yes, I hear you.
Let's connect to create a mastermind group that can act to quickly disseminate info and help us all keep informed.

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Yes, I hear you.
Let's connect to create a mastermind group that can act to quickly disseminate info and help us all keep informed.

Send me a message on FaceBook:

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Now a days too many projects come with offer ICO.
Some of them are just come for scam.
Can you tell how legit this company?

Nice...but I think need to do a little more research first.

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One great opportunity, i'd love to look on this

thnx for sharing this highly informative post.

great work.. good post..
followed n upvoted.. :-)

Muy interesante tu post.

Good post brother, I love your blog, I am always aware of your information, greetings. @Joserc.vzla

Ethereum yes, thanks , @sarahbiz

Oh sorry, I was distracted by the blades of grass pics.

So yeah, this sounds like it may be a good investment. What is the price at now?

If you are interested in a promising ICO take also a look here

This could be very interesting. I was never a huge fan of LinkedIn, although I do have a profile on the site. I just never saw the benefit in it, really. But this could be more worthwhile, especially once it gains popularity.

What value do you see this providing?

People create and share a ton of business/work related content on LinkedIn. It may not be as popular as other social networking platforms, but it's still used. A decentralized professional network would be beneficial the same way Steemit is, in my opinion, more beneficial than Facebook -- because it gives users the opportunity to earn money on content they're likely already creating. It's just a different or more targeted audience.

Another ICO based on Eth. I will certainly check out Indorse. It is becoming more and more difficult to keep up with all these ICO's.

Yes, I hear you.
Let's connect to create a mastermind group that can act to quickly disseminate info and help us all keep informed.

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hahaha yes very difficult. What kind of ICOs are you interested on?

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I like your post, and I will wait for your next posting

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Too much icos.
Better to forecast on wings :P

Very informative post. Thanks for sharing!!

thanks for sharing this...digging deeper into this now

Great post, love it! Thanks for sharing.

I don't mean to be a contrarian, but you can be the most innovative company on the planet, and still be crushed because you chose a stupid name for yourself.

And, to be completely frank, "Indorse" may be the worst company name I've ever heard of. Everything about it is just...irking. The way it's a misspelled form of another word. The way that it sounds too much like an unrelated but common phrase ("Indoors"). And the way it emphasizes the "orse" syllable, it reminds me of the British word for derriere. It just has disaster written all over it.

I don't suppose you know who's in charge of their marketing, because that guy needs to be fired.

haha let em know

Thanks for the post! I will try to register there.

Since we already know that social medias are the top of trending online stuff (hey, we are on Steemit right now!) a network for endorsing, listing and rating skills might be a bull's eye. @kingscrown

So many ICOs. Which one will prevail?

Visit their bitcointalk announcement thread if you want to earn some INDORSE Token. Here the link :

I've been looking at this and it looks pretty good.
A better version of linkedin maybe

This is interesting, never heard if it. Looking more into it now. Thanks so much @kingscrown

After Eth rising looks like i need to invest in this Indorse a little bit
Thanks for sharing about it

Thank you for the information !

Great post! The project is interesting . At this point I agree with you.

sounds really awesome im defnitely going to look into it i always try to find new project/ coins to invest in

Дорожает норм че

I like your post, and I will wait for your next posting.

Great news thank you for sharing

Great post! The project is interesting. I am very interested. At this point I agree with you.

Interesting video about the blockchain and also the money invested into ethereum. Keep posting stuff kingscrown!

Looks like a good deal, Ethereum based companies have some of the most attractive my opinion.

Nice post 8-)

i like the project..

Looks like an interesting project!

Nice. I may look into this and buy some.

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Photo on 12.07.17 at 21.19.jpg

Being fairly new to cryptos, I just want to say you bring a lot of info to the platform. Of course I do my research yes, but your shares are truly helpful and I appreciate your diligent work for the community.

Thank you.

Save your Money your money WILL SAVE YOU

Note that indorse provide an airdrop for PAY, DGD, CDT and ZRX token holders.
The snapshot was taken on August 18, 2017.
You have nothing to do to receive it.
But if you want to double the drop you just have to fill the form on this page:

Happy airdrop! ;-)

Great info and post, everyday we move closer and closer to being everywhere! Love the moves that crypto is making, gaining so much credibility.

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