Ethereum now Following BTC, Just got to NASDAQ!

in ethereum •  11 months ago

If you read my posts or just know about cryptos you heard of XBT that is used on Stockholm NASDAQ and guys from same company now got Ethereum tickers!

While any of us can use exchanges, huge investment companies need proper funds with all legal work and need to use "wallstreet" or in this case NASDAQ to feel safe with huge investments and be sure that exchange wont disappear.

Now today CoinShares from UK managed to create ETN (exchange traded notes) for ETH joining XBT.

You surely heard of ETF (ie Winklevoss one that didnt go live), ETNs are alternative to those.

Now you can trade Bitcoin and Ethereum for SEK/EUR on NASDAQ trough brokers and huge companies and funds can get ahold of those.

Current Ethereum Markets

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This are great news, just hodle and enjoy what will happen in the future at the cryptos 👍

Thanks a bunch for this special info, I had not clue yet! Namaste :)


this exchange is better than forex.

Great summarized info. These ETN is only accessible to EU investors and those who have access Stockholm NASDAQ. More details can be found at

Wow, what is the best or easiest way to benefit from support of this project?

Very interesting. I wonder if these can be held inside a pension or an ISA?

Good informatin :)

I still prefer the real thing but am all for anything that increases awareness

I always visit your blog because you inspires me. Do what you do. Thank you very much for sharing inspiring content.

Wow that's a huge news for ETH ecosystem
It shows that more and more traders trust in our technology =)
To the moon all together =D

Thanks for your information.

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very perfect information ...

Another latest updqte on exchange company. Would have forgotten Nas.. If havent read this post today.

I followed and upvoted you.

quite impressive @ kingscrown
it was knowledgeable
keep posting

Great post! This is a huge milestone for crypto, everyone should buckle up for the ride. Thank you for the info. Best wishes, - @splendorhub

@kingscrown your post is very effective. I want to start trading , which currencies are best for me as a long term investment and shot terms investment ?


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So shouldnt eth and btc be mooning because of this?

Dude great posts... very glad I came across yoh

EtNs are not safe , and no central bank is safe either . The value of any currency and reserve depends on global acceptance and demand . Why do you think many governments are keeping gold reserves ? . Any structured product that has underlying debt attached to is risky . No matter what the fund managers n advisers tell you .


Have to agree with Navala, they are not safe. Even the crooks at the IMF admitted yesterday that 9 of the world's most strategic banks are unsafe.... including Barclays. It is interesting to see Ethereum being adopted mainstream but if you have any choice then buy the asset itself rather than hold it within any fund. If however you can't access your money (trapped within a self-directed pension fund, etc) then the ETN maybe worth a look... but only if you can't free your cash from the pension trap.

True enough. I blogged about this earlier as well in addition to the Winklevoss twins. That information went cold and dark quick.

I love info about cryptocurrency

Great news! Bitcoin top

Interesting... Thanks for the info!

Nice article I think it helps all ethereum hodlers.

Thank you for sharing @kingscrown. You rock!

Great post

Thanks for sharing a helpful post. You made a lot of great finds.

very informative post about Ethereum. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

More good news for the crypto-sphere! Thanks for an enlightening post.

Thanks for sharing this informative article @kingscrown

Good informatin.Thanks for sharing. @kingscrown

Thanks. BTC and ETH to the moon, right?

I have some eth, always appreciate some good news about them!

I have want to know about the etherium for several days.I learned a lot at your post. Thanks

Thanks for the info. Great information

Thanks for the info.

Great information for all etherium holders . Good job here.

@kingscrown it was a great info being a crypto investor i dont know what is best source to get correct info and i found you thanks mate !

Interesting and helpful info for all Ethereum holders. Thank you

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I am still learning these cryptocurrency things. Your post helps me to understand something. thanks

Great info. Any adaptation is good news.

Based on the comments I think this may be an overlooked point:
"While any of us can use exchanges, huge investment companies need proper funds with all legal work and need to use "wallstreet" or in this case NASDAQ to feel safe with huge investments and be sure that exchange wont disappear."

For those wondering if their IRAs and brokerage accounts can trade this, I would ask you one question, how much exposure do you have with direct ownership already?

While this may be a method to gain a initial position in crypto, it's hardly ideal as there's no transfer mechanism to other products. What if ETH is overtaken by a competitor, or if the ETN picks the wrong side of a fork? Do you sell the ETN into fiat then wait for another ETN/ETF as you sit on your loss?

If you have a reasonable position in wallets or on the exchanges (note: you may want to have both across multiple accounts in mitigate risk) why would you add that to your retirement portfolio? We don't know who will win the horse race, but we do know (or think we know) that blockchain will in some way be integrated across several uses. And if this is the case, then we know that the infrastructure will need to be built out. There are several current trade-able options that have a much, much lower risk such as GPU producers (that ship may have sailed), retailers, processors, etc.

These products are for the "b" team. Those that can't figure out how (or are too lazy to learn how) to get money into the ecosystem. And for that, they trade at a steep premium.

It feels like an unnecessarily risky proposition if you already have a moderate investment in the system. There are still those 10,000% returns out there. You just need to do the work and with a little luck, you may stumble across a couple. And if you don't have a position? Find a faucet, dabble in mining, curate a board. $1/day is a lot if you stumble across a lottery ticket.

Good luck, I hope the good guys win this time.

Now we just need it to be tradeable in the US.....and boom.

Great news, thanks for sharing

Thank you for this interesting information.

That is really great news for Ethereum! Thank you for informing us! :)

Great news, and the new network upgrade coming to!

great info man...

This is not that huge.
I'd say nice.

But I choose XRP 😀😀

Interesting story.Thanks to your article, I'm pleased.Good luck.


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nice to know that, thanks.

Good news for ethereum.

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Wonderful! I made a post on CobinHood! A new exchange with EXTREMELY LOW fee or NONE at all! LMK what you think about it!

New article about meshing the worlds of traditional stocks and financial assets and blockchain crypto world. How Ankorus TGE will Pass the SEC Sniff Test while Tokenizing Financial Assets, they are going Broker-Dealer and getting seat on London Stock Exchange

What sites do you use to get your crypto news?

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Thank you so much for sharing all this information! that's great! All the best! Waiting for more posts! :)