ETC Price Going up - HardFork Soon. Difference between Fork and Split In This Post for Newbies!

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Bitcoin lately has loads of forks and.. chain splits. On various boards i have noticed people dont understand the difference.

A fork in code is just a change of code thats crucial and needs everyone to update. Loads of coins have hardforks (ie STEEM) yet they dont split into new coins.

So if you hear a coin is having a fork, it DOES NOT mean you will get new coins for free. It may just be upgrade.

If there is fork and chain SPLIT then you get the coins. Examples are: Bitcoin and BitcoinCash, BitcoinGold or ZCL and ZEN or ETH and ETC.

So when you hear a coin is gonna fork or hardfork, stop thinking it means you will get new coins. Most coins never spread just have fixes.

Currently ETC will have a fork, but it wont split (unless someone wants to make suck split).

So ETC is raising in price now, but not because you will get x2 coins free but becuase network will work better or in this case - have less mining rewards.

ETC Markets

You surely see arbitrage options now. I would say check Binance and BitFinex (esp in USD) vs others.

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why going up so much? people still believe they will receive new etc? ahha

Nice info. I wasn't aware of the ETC fork. NXT is having their Airdrop late December. Holders of NXT will get .5 IGNIS. NXT has been making some good moves upward the past few days on this news. Looks like ETC is doing well also.

Good content.
Keep up the good work.

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Nice kerp it up

Screenshot was a little small was trying to see what the big difference will be besides the reduction in mining rewards which ETH has already done.

P.S Does anyone know if ETH has gone to POS yet?

Yo ,
Thanks for sharing

@kinscrown Thank you from me too :-)

I'm still holding my ETH. Don't see ETC price rising as quick as ETH long-term.

@hustletoparadise Well I am not sure mate today it is up 34% already I feel it will be to Ether what BTH is to BTC? Cheer$;)

I wonder how long will ETH will keep rising before it falls. Or will it even fall?

ETH will always continue to rise with its usual corrections along the way. I'd HODL ETH and not worry about the month to month price changes.

Exactly what I am thinking.

Hey king sir your posts are full doge of information and new update thank you sir,
God bless you.

Great info as always!

Arbitrage opportunities always worry me as you can often have issues getting some coins off certain exchanges! The price is usually higher on a given exchange for a reason.

Mostly people does not understand the concept...this post will help them to understand the difference ...mostly people are expecting free coins that not the case at all... Clarification in this post help them in better understanding

Hay is really a good news it would be good to know about this foke ......

@kingscrown No new coin but people will buy it thinking they will get a new coin just because they hold the old coin. Lots of people never do any due diligence on anything.

I been mining eth for a while but recently I see finding shares are taking longer time compared to before.. could this HF be the reason behind this slow mining?

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the world of cryptocurrencies revolutionizes, every day their prices rise, mainly the bitcoin

Thanks @kingscrown
great analysis,nice post and following updates..

This is indeed very informative. Most of the time, people are already eyeing the free coins when they hear the word fork. Little did they know that a split is needed for them to be able to enjoy such give-away coins from the split. Nice post!

Great analysis of ethereum,very good job,thanks for giving us a good information..

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really helpfull & learning blog thx for share👌👌

Bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold, bitcoin diamond.... what's next bitcoin Goldmine? :D

You missed out Super Bitcoin (I am not joking!) Bitcoin goldmine, I like the sound of that it is sensible. For it to be a Bitcoin split it needs a laughable name like Bitcoin GPU!

That's a very interesting post I appreciate it @kingscrown 👍👍

what is EthereumCash? it just appeared today, and already second on market cap. Never heard about it before

Thanks for the info. I was wondering what the fork in the road meant.

So nice info guys..

Really a informative post to me. I didn't know that what is folf and when a new currency create then why we automatically get the same coins.

Very informative! Thanks!

Good Post! Upvoted

I enjoyed reading your post. There is a lot of good stuff.

Thanks for explaining. Very helpful!

great post,,,,,,,,,,,
that was great to read .........../////////

Great post... Upvoted and resteemed!

This subject has been of concern to me for some time now. I never clearly understood the concepts aforementioned.
Thank you @kingscrown for taking time out to publish this post. I found it really helpful

Noted. Good information. Thank you.

after bitcoin ethereum is growth higher day by day. We should mine ethereum future. I think it cross 500$ within this year. let's see what's happen

Thank you for the information @kingscrown

good & informative info....

It is a little surprising how little people seem to understand about the technology that they are using.

As someone who doesn't know what his doing on the market this is actually good info! I'm glad I followed :D

grate analysis. thanks for shearing.

Nice post, very clear. A lot of people do not know or understand what is a fork

It has been an eye-opener because I am not very experienced in the field of crypto and while I never expected free coins just because there was a fork, it's always good to understand the subtle differences between terms. Thanks for this post.

thanks for give a good news...i hope you gift everyday marvelous news..

This is a very educative. I used to believe that hard fork of a coin is the same as split of coin

Awesome investigation of ethereum,very great job,thanks for giving us a decent data.

This is a very good content and quite interesting. Thanks.

Thanks for giving valuable information. @kingscrown

Awesome content, made the concept clearer for myself particularly!

I'm glad I didn't sell my ETC, although I thought it was dead for good. :)

Good news for all traders.thanks for share.

Nice post, I think a lot of people could benefit from reading this ;).

Nice post 👍 Thanks for sharing and and very useful information. Congratulations ✌ @kingscrown


Hi @kingscrown thanks again for all the high value content and updates I really do appreciate it. I am not too sure what you mean above however regarding the fork does it mean if we have ETC we will be getting the new coin free or not? I actually purchased 6 the other day and it went up 40% today alone how amazing super excited. Thanks for all the updates much appreciate, be blessed. Cheer$;)

Thank you for this post. It confirmed my lite understanding of forks and I'm sure many others will find value. Up voted!

Thank for the info as always, @kingscrown.

To invest or not to invest...

Was wondering where the ETC rise came from. I guess demand increases when supplies are limited.

Agreed. Good content! We need more educational pieces as it’s a minefield out there!

nice throug from steemit
nice effort dude :)

Kingscrown you are King !!! Good read as always. Thanks.

I feel like a kid in a candy store learning about all these new cryptocurrencies!

Hey! May I ask, are you a witness=?

Would love to give you a vote! A really awesome job you're doing overall! Still worrying about us noobsters, thank you!

im not a witness just a poster, but some people proxy witness voting to me so i choose witnesses for them :)

Lol i didn't know i thought they all mean the same ..thanks

Thank you for posting this difference
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Ummm, i believe they already solved this discrepancy with the term "hard fork" which implies a new coin is issued. "Soft Fork" means a code change only.

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wow nice post i like it plz vote me and follow


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