Dock ICO - Professional data, Reputation and Networking Management on the Blockchain (Free Coins Inside!)

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Dock wants to fix problems with recruiting industry where you always have to fill same data with different companies and websites, keep them updated everywhere and spend time doing same things again and again.

tldr; You will have just 1 decentralized place with your data, then apps will ask you for permissions to use it. You will have full contract over whats shared, and recruiters will be sure they have 100% updated databases. So think about this like cross-app Linkedin which stores your data then with same login you can get to loads of websites and apps, and your whole reputation, history and connections will be moved with you.

You can test the app on

This can go futher is The First App

We already have a job marketplace that will be using Dock system and its a big one. This is a site that looks for remote workers for companies, they have listings from small businesses and also corporations like Amazon.

Get Airdrop

If you have telegram and ERC20 address (Ethereum address that you have private keys too) you can get some coins from them.


It will come but for now they plan to develop technology first (unusual!) read more at
and on to learn about the project.

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This is a great idea. The blockchain is perfect for validating reputation and experience.

You are right, It was a greate idea.

Yep public blockchains could really be great for validating reputation and experience because... well, it is public and so everyone can access that information!

Thanks for this write up. Dock ICO looks very interesting...

Looks like a great idea.

This will be of great help. I have struggled in the days of job switch. I had to update my resume and my profile at 10 different places to notify recruiters that I'm up for a new opportunity. All gather the same information just in different format.
Great idea behind the project.

Grear tip, thanks!

interesting, I do like the sound of this, will take a deep dive. If this can get recruiters to pay me a small fee to view my profile, that would be better. Right now, on linked in they get access to me for free so they can just continually get my information, refer me and get a commission. Maybe this could assist with the candidates getting a commission for actually landing a job as well via a recruiter that finds me on here. interesting....

I don't think it works that way. From the whitepaper - "It is important to note that tokens will not be used to incentivize users to share data with applications. " The tokens appear to be for access to the platform for users, and to pay for access to data for applications. But it doesn't look like it pays anything out to users. Hope that clarifies.

Hi, I get that, I'm just saying that this can give you opportunities to make smart contracts etc, using other platforms with recruiters so that you yourself can somehow reward yourself for recruiters using you as a candidate etc. Just tyring to think outside the square here to leverage your circumstances. make sense?

It seems that this coin got a great project and a market already,, so millions will be interested in it from the start.
I see that the website as well is very professional, has nice features and user friendly.
Thank you for the great post

Thanks for your valuable post..

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This is indeed a nice one, nowadays everything is decentralized lol, but the idea behind it makes a lot of sense. It practical and simple to follow. Nice article keep it up.

Very interesting. I will download the test app and seriously think about investing in the ICO. I like what I see here!

Dude, this is awesome! I just downloaded the app and will signed up for the airdrop. Thanks so much for promoting such a cool new app - would be amazing to get my new job from here!!

I Like this! Let me know if you find this right. If you do I shall follow and upvote. Please visit

Your post is very interesting and many people love it, I will support you anytime.

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thanks a lot for your valuable post sharing.............
i like your technology, best of luck dear............resteemet done

Okay this is like a job app or a job site? Right? So I see the beneficial sides to it, is there any other useful information I should know about it then?

thanks for info

Its good message to everyone under techinligye system .thanks alot kingscrown point got right

This is good awareness on how to.

God luck with your upcoming ICO! Sounds like a useful project that makes life easier for job seekers.

But alas, we don't work no more, nor trying to find job, nor cowering to bosses or interviews no more! Xie Xie Satoshi Nakamoto.

Some days it gets tiring, javing to go through the motions of filling out similar forms with identical data for almost the same purpose. Its almost an up hill task,

This development takes care of that , speeds things up . Why waste time on data you can call from your storage ? Great job

Really looking forward to this ICO. App looks great too

Thanks for heads up.

Interesante pagina, estaré pendiente a sus diferentes ofertas de marketing. Buen Post

Great job men

The project looks solid, thanks for sharing.

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I dont think this project will succeed as recruiting is such a p2p, inperson2inperson event. Those who are more reputable will exploit the system and young workers with no history will be out witted.

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Very promising project. The idea of one application is such a time saver. Now the candidate will have more time to prep for interviews. The hiring process could also become more transparent.

Ill be following this one....most people need a job or are in the market for a new one.

Total game-changer!!

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Hey KingsCrown
Thanks for sharing

great. upvoted!

i enjoy your post! thanks

that it!!!!there can be an ico about anything. Can i make an ico for bottled air?

The Lorax won't be happy with you. :)

nor would the gov

this really cannot come soon enough!

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Good app 👍👍👍

this great idea for validating social media experience. good luck

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