Database of Scams on Ethereum

in ethereum •  6 months ago

If you see some bad site or you are not sure if its a legit one just check on




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Wow that will be very useful. Thank you for sharing this info. This should save alot f people getting scammed.

If you create a database with all crypto scams you might need an additional server cause you end up with a John Grisham novel.

This is great, how do you source your info?


I'm not affiliated with kingscrown, but I am one of the main contributors to EtherScamDB. We source it through various channels. You can report a scam/phish via - but we also accept reports via Twitter DM, email, Skype, Telegram.

Thanks, useful information.

thanks for the information @kingscrown

We as a community should be able prevent these scams. There should be a better way of going about reporting scamming accounts.

Image 1.jpg

If the site doesn't have Secure tag beside it on the address bar.
I`ll have second thoughts about it already.
As shown in the pic I included.

The scamming sites that keep popping up...way too many. At least that website will definitely help if you are unsure of a site.

Security is KEY in crypto.

The man should be looking for crypto scammers instead of busting people for 20 dollars in drugs

Wao it's great information for database thanks for sharing sir...developing a database for your business can help you reduce the amount of time you spend managing data analyse data in a variety of ways .. Promote a disciplined approach to data management...

People should report it to cyber crime!

Very nice information, also you can install etherlookup extension from myetherwallet

Hopefully Chrome, Ad-Block, and other authority plugins and browsers will adopt these lists to automatically block these sites from being visited. It is easy to change their domain names and IP addresses, so it is impossible for a user to keep up. Hopefully a crypto blacklisting service like CYBR can gain mass adoption. Are there any other services like that currently?

excellent info.thanks.