Current ICO - Get Paid to Play All Media (Audiobooks, Movies, Music etc)

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Up here on Steemit we know cryptocurrencies and blockchain can make you earn tokens for various tasks ie on this platform by posting. Current goes futher - they want to pay you for playing any medias and already have a product.

Current Idea

Basically, it is an incentivized, blockchain-enabled streaming ecosystem that lets you choose how to stream and pay for your media or how to get paid for using them. All tokens entering network are split between users of ecosystem.

Apps Already Live

Interesting is that already in Google Play and Appstore you can find Current app that is used by over 200 000 people so this is not MVP.

Amazing People Behind the Product

You have to check website but pretty much we have there billionaire Mark Cuban and people from sucessful projects like Bancor, ConsenSys, Chronobank and many more.

Get some Free CRCN

You can register to their referal program and earn some tokens or if you will have their app installed during sale, you will also get some initial ones.

Join ICO

Currently, you have to signup for whitelist to be allowed of joining the presale -
Allowed coins are ETH and BTC. 35% of supply will be sold initially.
Check whitepaper:

Always do research before investing!

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So are you paid to play? Or do you have to pay to play?

have a guess:)

I’m no good at these technical type of games!!!

Very interesting idea, I hope it will be successful...

Thanks a lot for this heads-up, again, that will most possibly help all of us partaking to this project.

All for one and one for all! Namaste :)

Seems more like a reward program rather than a cryptocurrency

interesting one

This will be very special. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate your great effort and generosity
How much is advised to invest in it

Thanks for the post, you have always provide very interesting and possibility of free coins.

How much do you get from the airdrop if you don't refer anyone?

Very interesting thank u so much friend for your tag

Wow nice ether information
Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing. Interesting project. Could be one of the best ICO in 2018.


I'm just stumbling on your post for the first time and hell I am glad I saw this. I'm following you right away.

You have to check website but pretty much we have there billionaire Mark Cuban and people from sucessful projects like Bancor, ConsenSys, Chronobank and many more.

thank you for the information you share through video is very meaningful

Good information, the great job

WOW!!! This platform sounds pretty amazing and with a team behind it that include Mark Cuban as a spearhead I am certainly intrigued. That man does not get involved in projects on a whim and if he is all in on this I have a feeling it is going to be. Now, that is all speculation of course but what would the crypto world be without a little speculation.... To top that off lets add a serving of fomo as I have now downloaded the app and setting up my own account. I will spend a little more time playing with it but I can say that I am already pleased with the user interface. The fact that it appears to interface with my other apps and build my profile as well as track my usage and in time earnings is fantastic. I'm looking forward to learning to make a playlist or set up a channel. They use facebook as a user signup which is brilliant because they gain access to my profile and are quickly able to build a profile of likes and interests. I am looking forward to seeing how the pay for play will be integrated and to see if they will enable transfer capabilities straight
from the app.
Thanks for the great post!

That is not a real coin.

@kingscrown what do you think of the Sirin Labs project. I am super stoked about the project and excited about the idea of a cell phone designed to work with the blockchain, I posted a blog about it last week. Would love to get your thoughts.

resteemed done.

I will have to look into this.

It look good ,let's see it !!

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thanks a lot for all this. and this will help us all. very useful post friends

You had me at Mark Cuban. That guy on TV's "Shark Tank" is absolutely brutal. If he's backing this project, it's worth a deeper look...

I love music, I will try this app, thanks for sharing this valuable information

greetings thanks for the information I will investigate a little more in to see how it goes.

I'll check it out! @ironshield

will be looking at getting into this ico. thanks for posting

Alright :) It's interesting

I do not believe in the eth and its tokens, it will be too expensive

Definitely going to check this platform out. Anything Mark Cuban gets behind seems to take off for the most part. He steady shits on the rest of the shark tank panel lol

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nice one, thanks

Nice information. Thanks

Nice sharing man... thanks a lot


Very awesome share @kingscrown looks like they got the steemit launch licked!

So is this the leg up platform for Facebook, YouTube, and all the others it covers for introduction into the cryptoverse? Marky did announce he was investigating blockchain technology. Now if you can take that revenue generating ability and portal it too said covered platforms that’s a real contender. Almost instantaneously introduction of the masses to crypto.

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Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit..

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Great information especially after the huge fall in the cryptocurrency markets and the doubt created.
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This is a pretty good idea but it’ll be hard to prevent people from gaming the system. Still it might be worth throwing a few bucks at. Good find!

Amazing team backing the product, but will be hard to find mass adoption. Really interesting though!

This will be very special. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for the heads-up man... Have a blast always...

My first thought is, those videos must jumpack with ads I hope its not.

Interesting ICO
I will do more research on that one.

thanks for sharing!

I have registered from your link to get some codes Thank you I am happy to be on your posts always friend

I like your post because it is useful for me.

This is a pretty kool app and to top it off Mark Cuban is on the advisory board. This is one coin I will be watching and testing out as soon as they come our with the android app. The IOS app is already avaliable btw.

Very interesting

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