Crowdholding Platform ICO - Facilitating Communication Between Businesses and the Public

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Another interesting ICO with a platform thats supossed to help businesses meet their future users and pay them for reading and sharing ideas.

People are annoyed by ads, dont want to see them (mostly use Adblock) and companies spend money ineffectively this way. This guys with their platform and its token Yupie want to fix this problem.

Example Usage

So you tell plans of a game you wanna make, you de3cide how much of your earnings you want to share with people helping you with opinions and such, then people get paid for feedback (fixing your idea) and then you release a better product cheaper.

Heard of MVP ? Now instead of making it, company will be able to launch it as idea and get feedback. This way creating stuff will be even cheaper.

They already had some products in beta while testing the system.

ICO Terms

1st November to 1st December 20172017, 10:00:00 (UTC)
Success threshold $1 million (USD)
Hard cap $50 million (USD)
Token price 1 ETH = 1000 YUPIES
Total supply 631,000,000 (631 million) tokens
All unsold tokens will be destroyed.

ICO site:

Always do your own research before investing!

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I join, I have a technology company and this could help develop my ideas. Thanks for sharing

Great business post, thanks for sharing

What nonsense is this it's like paying someone to review right ???
If you are paying then you can't get the realuty of the Games,Software or anything it would just show appreciation which it may not deserve......
For Eg. A company with a dumb game gives 10% and can get more reviews and downloads or whatever,and yes it's right Money matters

Genius now i can comment without feeling like my ideas will be used without even crediting me alteat i will earn from it :)

That's an awesome concept! I can really see how it will help startups get their business name/concept out there. Nothing better than word-of-mouth marketing. I'll have to take a look at their whitepaper, but it has caught my interest. Thanks for sharing


Good post& best for bisness nice sharing bro.

Is Block chain mining is legite or fake please reply. Those who know please reply.

Sounds interesting, I should probably take an indepth look into it. Tx

It seems a new concept

Welll it's something new concept and it seems a great ico. And people will earn here and is for new people who want to create something.

Another great share.
Thanks for sharing the video with us.
I've resteemed your post!

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As usual, another informative post from @kingscrown. Thanks for sharing. Keep em coming. Kudos!

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We would love to hear more about this project, please message us at and we may to a story on this project

Great ....
Thanks for sharing

Hello my friend this IcO is just going to support new businesses and me some old as well as a great concept appreciated.

Good content

Good post friend

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Hay king nice post bro

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Really nice post

You did very well. Thanks for sharing @kingscrown

Good post and nice business platform

seems reasonable.
ANYTHING to avoid ads
(hates them I do)

Woow. Very well 😍

I'm quite new to this all concept but this is certainly interesting!
Hopefully, you'll be able to enjoy my travel stories as well...:)

I am not 100% sure if it will work, but it´s interesting enough to try it :) I am planning to try Crowdholding for both my projects. People investing in ICO´s should not just speculate on price, and wait for 3x,4x,etc earnings, but also use this platforms.

Cool, do that! Right now they are looking for projects :)

very interesting thanks for the post

very informative post.every moment i learn something from your to read it.

I don't think so these type of tokens will survive the winter .
No offence .

Implementing this idea in crypto world is great achievement, now quality reviewers will be awarded too.

Ce projet à l'air cool , on vera ce que sa donne par la suite

Great business post

Good idea ! Any projects that give the rewards back to the contributors for their work and time will have a lot of opportunities in the future as

This sounds like a great idea, but I feel this is extremely niche, more than what it looks like on the surface. The reason I saw this is that only people really interested in crypto may use this. There is already a company (cannot remember the name, but I’ve used it) that lets you do this EXACT same thing, except they already have millions of followers and have built their reputation. Although this sounds interesting and

I heard that they have expanded the date of the ICO until they hit a goal.

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