Blockhive ILP instead of ICO!

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While we see loads of ICOs or ITOs lately this guys came with other idea that i think might be interesting. ILP which stands for Initial Loan Procurement.

So now instead of funding tokens and believing they will raise, you give loan and can get 20 percent of blochive's annual profit as interest payment.

Why ILP is Better than ICO ?

  • its a debt so not s8ubject to tax
  • business doesnt need to create tokens that will actually have no use
  • it is open to individuals around the world as loans are allowed almost everywhere
  • you can earn interest if the project you funded makes money


After initial ILP of blockhive their platform will be used as a platform that carries and issue future ILPs.

Hive Token

  • Name: Hive Token (Ticker: HIVE)
  • Total # of tokens issuable: 1,000,000,000 HIVE tokens
  • Tokens to be issued in this round: 150,000,000 HIVE tokens
  • Loan amount equivalent of 1 HIVE token: €0.045
  • Usage: Use HIVE tokens to enter into & transfer loan agreements
  • Token Protocol: ERC20 (Ethereum)


As always do your own research before investing!

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Now this, this sounds interesting as an investor myself I hope to see more and more of this happening.

How is the company or owner/creator held responsible to continue to repaying the annual profits out is it within the blockchain itself to do so ?

you can earn interest if the project you funded makes money

i came across this when reading through. If interest can be earn if the project makes money, what It the project did not or it finally collapse, what will be the outcome, will the capital be return or lost?

Sounds like your out money if it goes down which is normal for any investment.

it would be solid though if there was something written in the blockchain that just auto paid out investors on the profits month, daily etc.


This is also what i want to know... i don't want to be the next carlos screaming BITCONNNECTTT!!

Yeah, this is kind of what is expected from ICO so if there is no automatization or legal contracts that ensure the behavior, it doesn't really offer anything new.

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I didn't know ILP existed. Thanks for sharing.

I don t want atention or something but i don t understand others with "intresting, upvote me, nice post, etc". You are posting really intresting informations for me and others, so they don t even read your post..
I think cryptocurrency is the future and anyone who understand it and understand how things works will benefit from it. I still have many friends that laugh when i begin to speak about online money and crypto..

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This post got me thinking, is a nice offering i will chrck this out

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Sounds interesting, as always, we have to evaluate the pros and cons of this system. It makes me think it is similar to SALT(blockchain asset management) and Ethlend coins.
I will definetely read about it.
Thank you!

really very informative video sir @kingscrown

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Make a lot more sense then going off hopes and dream and i think more ppl would invest if they knew they would get 20% of annual profit generated like you said loan are allow everywhere. thanks for the good info i hope that idea takes off.

thanks for this ilp informative video @kingscrown
its very useful
i am waiting your next post sir

Very intresting

This is important news , most people will migrate to this. People are now really afraid of ICO. I think this is safe for any investor. Thanks for sharing. I upvote and resteem.

Very good post.

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I am looking forward to your next post

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Good one.. Getting in as soon as possible

This is a wonderful initiative.. @kingscrown, thanks for keeping us updated..

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Thanks for this post is very interesting friend,............all the best......

True. ILP is better than ICO.

Wow great news about cryptocurrency wish to get more update from you.

Very nice concept! Thanks for sharing it @kingscrown!

The tax aspect on this is good, and it is going to address the biggest product of banks worldwide, which is loans! I guess we are in for some resistance from the set banks, and governments!

Smart thinking by the hive creator! I guess it is time to read more details on it! :)

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Excelente reporte, los felicito. Ampliando la cultura del mundocripto.

It looks worse than ICO, what happens if the company doesnt make profit?? This is just another hyip in disguise.

I am so glad I stumbled onto your post last week. Nice sir.

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This looks to be like another Bitconnect.

You mean we should invest in things that plan to actually have a profit? What is this madness?

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Very good

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Thank you kingscrown for this insight. Another great concept/business for blockchain.

I watched a video of the CEO of Binance a couple of weeks ago give a presentation at the S. Korean conference. He mentioned that there will one day be millions of blockchains. I think blockchain applications will only be limited to entrepreneurs creative ability, which as history shows is pretty incredible.

Can I ask you what you use to create your posts and be able to format text? Could you write a post on this?

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It seems a promising investment. As the whitepaper says, the risk of having loss is mitigate by having several projects and partnerships within the ecosystem. would be interesting to make an in depth analysis of projects and partnerships currently in development. thank you @kingscrown for this analysis

FYI, there's a typo- s8ubject

Now the world looking for crypto currency but according experts we can't fully cashless

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This is interesting! ILP's do seem like they have advantages over ICOS, especially because of the tax part. This is the first one right? Cuz I haven't seen an ILP other than this one.

so, if i would like to start an ILP, it would mean that I get myself in debt for lets say 20 millions USD?
not sure this is gonna fly

very informative

This is a good idea although this is kind of what is expected from an ICO so if there is no automatization or legal contracts that ensure the behavior, it doesn't really offer anything new.

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This is an interesting idea, I'd love to know what assurances are guaranteed with this one, it's also kind of ironic to be adding another token to replace tokens....I'm still blown away by the amount of good ideas coming out of the crypto world, it's pretty staggering when you read about exciting projects on an almost daily basis! Thanks for sharing!

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