Bitjob Launches Soon - Platform for Students to Earn Crypto

in ethereum •  5 months ago

I wrote about bitJob during their ICO in 2017 which was a success, now aroudn may 27th they plan to launch the platform.

If you dont remember its a platform where students can be hired by companies with ease, reputation system and micropayments.
bitJob's technology merges the benefits of micro-gigs and freelancer-centric bidding sites with Ethereum Blockchain, creating the Hybrid Blockchain Project that allows for peer-to-peer connection with employers and students.

The platform is not live yet but there are screens already of how its going to look like. There was pilot during ICO - but the version for launch is waaay better and more advanced.

So if you want to hire people or make some crypto money - register to their site to have early bird advantage -


Their token already trades on a few places since the ICO was successful.

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BitJob is such an unfortunate name


yes, sounds like blowjob. :P

How is this working?

Nice and creative

Wow! This project combined with some of the other initiatives out there to bring internet to the world could expand the microloan/micro-business program with lower entry barriers into profitability. As Steemit spreads to other countries this could be helpful. I will followup on this initiative.

I liked your post you did an excellent job!!

I have been interested in the world of cryptocurrency, I will register and investigate more about the subject

Thanx, i'll try

Wow...! What a great initiative... Now crpto for students..!. The crypto space is ever expanding!... Just can't wait for the lunch...

a very nice initiative..i am in already

Sure. I will register.

Just hearing about this for the first time. I always tell people that crypto is building "a soft copy world". Yea everything is paid for easily now with Cryptocurrency.

This is a kingly information @kingscrown. I will act urgently because is the king wish.

This is so fresh. It's gonna change the game for sure as students are the ones with more access naturally to computers and WiFi. This is great for the establishment of mass adoption too as the students will have the experience of fuguring out the decentralized avenues part time..

If I can give you guys my opinion for a good ICO, I discovered an exciting one, which I just joined the bounty campaign: RAWG.

If you want to have a look and get some information, the ICO will start in a short period.

The ICO site is this one:
It's a video game discovery platform that converts your skills into goods and services.

You can earn tokens by playing your favorite games. The site is already working, with more than 50,000 games in the database and new games are getting added every day. This is the site:

Quite good looking, don't you think?

Have a look. I hope this information is helpful.

Nice post , thanks for sharing with us

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