BATs Brave Just Added Native TOR Support

in ethereum •  6 months ago

I lately wrote how you can get free BAT tokens to use withing Brave browser - read here if you missed -

BAT is a crypto thats giving fuel to Brave, an amazing browser. If you never tried it, DOWNLOAD HERE NOW. Do not wait or you will forget ;)

We all know privacy is important hence im always bullish on anon coins like ZEC SMART EXCL XZC DASH XMR etc and what Brave did only shows this is a right direction.

From this update you can access TOR directly from their browser, no need to run special TOR client anymore.

I urge you to test the browser - its faster and more secure than Chrome/Firefox imho and also check BAT currency.


I suggest getting it on Binance due to best liquidity and totally avoid Liqui due to super big withdrawal fees.

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I already tried this browser on your recommendation it is awesome. Takes very little memory and now we have native tor support - Looks even more solid now


just if you didnt - use for download when needed update (unless you did then no need)


Watching @coruscate open booster packs (on brave)

:-) Downloaded it a while ago

Excellent, haven't used this for a while, have a nice little linux desktop distro running will install it there.

Thank you very much! I am learning new things everyday as a newbie and beginner in these tech things!
I will definitely try this new browser!
This will open a whole new workd for me!

This should be resteemed too!

Will surely try for free bats. And Brave browser too.

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CoinPrice (USD)📉 24h📉 7d
BATBasic Attention Token0.206$-8.24%-30.02%

Solid platform indeed!


Great news 🎉, Glad to hear that, I find brave browser sexier than chrome and the tab peeker feature is just awesome.😃

Switched to Brave a couple months ago and love it. The only downside is they need to work on their dev tools. The dev tools open in a separate window and it makes going from Atom to the browser to the dev tools a real pain.

just downloaded the app.

I love using Brave browser on my Macbook and Pixel 2 ♥️

wow that's awesome! Truth be told I haven't used the BRAVE browser in forever. Now I'm going to update it this very second! thanks for the info

Ive been using Brave on my laptop and phone fir a year or so and almost never have issues. You do have to acknowledge google widevine if you want to you use any google affiliated sites like youtube or spotify.

I never went deeper into the browser ocean than Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and, for a very shot moment, Opera.

Is this browser fully compatible with everything you would use in everyday life?

I have been using Brave for a while. Decent browser and completely avoid the risk of ads.

I find that on my desktop Brave runs a lot slower than chrome.
But on my phone it runs better than chrome.

Can I ask for assistance? Whenever I install Brave browser it won't go through. A notice saying "Update has stopped working."

Any idea?

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