Airdrops Coming Soon on Two Ethereum Tokens

in ethereum •  2 years ago 

If you hold any of this 2 tokens on right time you will get extra free. Both are well traded and have liquidity so will not be a problem to get ahold of them. Just keep tokens out of exchange on your personal wallets.

INS Ecosystem 3 More Airdrops

This trades on many great places but i personally use Binance for it.

PRL Oyster

For holding it you will get SHL tokens at 1:1 basis.

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INS is a great coin to hold. Solid community, Innovative solution, capable team.

If you know, you know ;)

Thanks for the heads-up

We may see pump and dump price action before the airdrop like other airdrops, i would suggest to have caution buying only for the airdrop.
Thanks for sharing

Thanks for sharing this gd news!

Wow good news..

Thank you very much for this information. Best of luck to everyone! Upvoted and Resteemed by @cryptoryno33

i enjoy your post! thanks

I guess the airdrop might convince a few more people to get in or stay in!?! thanks for the heads-up. Namaste. :).

Thanks for the heads up. I will have definitely have a look at these coins. They have both seen more than 10% increase in the last 24 hrs, but considering their all time highs and where they are now I would say it's a pretty good steal.

Check this game out, look close with an open mind with what this new concept is doing with open source Ethereum ERC-20 smart contracts, decentralized exchange and passive income. The game has passed the crypto kitties game on the Dapp Radar. The smart contract is coded to tax 10% of the ETH. when users purchase the (P)roof (O)f (W)eak (H)ands tokens and divides the ETH. tax to people who are already holding and also 10% of when users sell “20% total”. The name of the game is to hold as long as you can while you get earnings from the constantly taxed “Strong hand” buys and the taxed “weak hand” sells. If you don’t want to play anymore, you can pull out all your earnings all at once but with a 10% tax fee that gets divided to the stronger hands. This is what the ERC-20 smart contract is programed to do. Doesn’t hurt to look at the contracts open source code at least, don’t let the opportunity pass you by.


which Ethereum Tokens are you talking about

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I will wait for the progress of your next post

thanks for sharing! i will start following your exciting posts! Checkout my posts as well

Thank you so much for this information :)

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What a great news!!